Ohio State Basketball 2019 Recruiting Class Highlights // Alonzo Gaffney, DJ Carton, EJ Liddell


Here’s some highlights of Ohio State’s 2019 Basketball Recruits! All 3 made the first list of McDonalds All-Americans!

Alonzo Gaffney: 3rd Coast Hoops

DJ Carton: Movement Hoops and Badgers247

EJ Liddell:

I do not own the rights to these video and don’t intend any copyright. All rights belong to the channels listed above. I just thought it’d be cool to put a few videos together and have all 3 guys on one video!

Source: https://hugochamber.org
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  1. Arene Armstead says

    Man we bout to make some serious noise wit this squad! O-H let's get it! Go Bucks

  2. Gannon Phillips says

    Hb FSU transfer

  3. Reeny says

    What’s the song for Dj carton?

  4. stupidguy411 says

    Anyone else watching after our loss to UH

  5. Anthony Titone says

    Kaleb Wesson, Justin Ahrens, Alonzo Gaffney, DJ, Carton, Ej Liddell, Luther Muhammad, Andre Wesson, Musa Jallow, Duane Washington, Jaedon Ledee, Kyle Young, CJ Walker how do we even decide starters and rotation 😂

  6. Joe Powell says

    There is no way gaffney isnt a top 10 player in this class. He has height, athleticism, defense, and shooting potential, a little ball handling, etc.

  7. Brian Crawford says

    Gaffney looks damn good. Get him in the weight room and watch out

  8. Shelley Shaner says

    Very well done!!🏀🎥

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