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The lecturer is thinking about fashion and human finery, so he’s thinking about Quentin Bell, Georg Simmel, Henrik Vibskov, Pierre Bourdieu, and of course the great David Bowie.

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  1. Alasdair Dickson says

    Am really gutted about the death of Jeremy Hardy, which was announced this morning. You have occasionally referenced jokes by Stewart Lee during these lectures. Do you, or did you ever, attend stand-up comedy gigs; perhaps at the Edinburgh Fringe or back in your London days…and if so, who were your favourite comedians?

  2. 80TwentyProductions says

    Momus, quick question. I would like to use a song of yours in a movie I am directing. I enailed through your website. Was wondering how to go about this. Any reply would be appreciated, or I can leave my email and we can go from there. Thanks

  3. Cyber Wanderlust says

    Just wondering, when are you going to show us your SHOES? 😀 Do one video about the shoes fashion?

  4. Maarttttt says

    I always find the differentiation point interesting because I feel like mainstream fashion has really consolidated into one big blob of conformity since Instagram. Or maybe I'm too far removed to notice the subtle differences?

  5. oorlab dv says

    Once again a thought provoking lecture. Cool to hear a reference to the Greek: οἱ πολλοί, hoi polloi, "the many". Would you call Berlin a not-spot? Or London, after 29th of March?

  6. alertonoff 4 says

    now, look at the guy @21.03 .. i'd look pissed off wearing that twonk outfit ! .. Disastrous de – signing .. now Leigh Bowery …

  7. Alasdair Dickson says

    Turn to the left…..Right!You’re right, fashion models take the fun out of fashion.The once-mighty Duffer of St George has been reduced to a brand-name on a few t-shirts in J-D Sport. It matches the depressing experience of seeing Ray’s Jazz Shop represented in the present day by a tiny corner of the new Foyles flagship store. (Plus the original Ray’s and the second Duffer were in close geographical proximity to each other, near Seven Dials in Covent Garden.)

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