Osborne 1 Computer Restoration Part 2


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This episode is part 2 of a restoration project for an Osborne 1 portable CP/M computer.

Music by Phillip Gross is part of the Creative Commons.

Source: https://hugochamber.org
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  1. Давид Давидов says

    Windows 10 work?

  2. The Weather Radio Kid says

    Idk why he is complaining about the marble look to the plastic after the treatments. I honestly think it looks fricken awesome!

  3. Natasha Wolfe says

    you should OF put aluminium foil on THE leather handle before retrobriting the plastic

  4. RetroFezz says

    Raises hand. “And no, it does not run Crysis, so don’t ask!”Lowers hand…

  5. Dmitry Ponyatov says

    – what is your neib doing on weekends?- his hobby is computer washing service

  6. Hdjd Bdbd says


  7. James Rodgers says

    Your title reads like a football result. Was that deliberate?

  8. squeak2 says

    your a really great youtuber! you're satisfying my curiosity for how an old device like how an old pc works! and your restoration videos give off an inside look that i really like! great job! you earned yourself a subscriber! 😀

  9. Heelix Ranier says

    I'm abit surprised that on the handle, you didn't wrap plastic around the leather part of the handle to protect it. LIkely, being in the direct sunlight for hours helped damage it but I think even wrapping some printer paper around it and then plastic wouild have helped prevent that as it would have kept it shielded from both direct sunlight and the solution you use to retro-bright. Just my thought. Likely the retro-bright solution you used and the sunlight both caused that…

  10. gravelyeti gravelyeti says

    mmm beige, i like it

  11. Cyrus Cuckler says

    "Hey mom, I'm having a problem with-""Windex and Alcohol honey!"

  12. Dave Blane says

    you restored the CASE not the computer. So, LOL!!!

  13. bo jackson says

    The reason peroxide ruins the leather is because it's an oxidizer, H2O2, it gives away that oxygen molecule and essentially becomes water. Leather is often tanned with chromic acid which acts as the catalyst and when exposed to pure hydrogen peroxide will actually oxidize the cellulose in the leather so quickly that it catches on fire.

  14. phorzer32 says

    What a terrible restoration… Filter capacitor not replaced…..damaged the "leather" with H2O2… oh god….

  15. 00 A says

    Did the capacitor pop?

  16. greeny guy says

    ''he's back again massaging a cream on that computer plastic body thingy''

  17. Reid rocks Games says

    I wonder when this thing will boot to basic

  18. Mercedes Wenier says


  19. Mundo gamer 2.0 says

    Is funny how the computer is enormous and it has a ridicously small screen

  20. Meteor crash Playz says


  21. Seryy Seryy says

    Hay good work by 8 bit guy. All classic computers was much as basic robots that used much of its motors parts, so that felt as if home robots n PCs at same time.

  22. spark fox says

    Would a paint roller roller work to help make the streaking almost completely gone?

  23. Quack Maximum says

    My face when I realize you're gonna leave leather exposed to peroxide😱

  24. Michael F says

    David, Respectfully, What if during the retrobrighting process every time you had planned adding more peroxide goo you rinsed the old off and reapplied a new round of the goo?

  25. D G says

    Thank you for making all the mistakes for us.

  26. Scott Billingham says

    It's supposedly…not supposably lol!

  27. khankhattak says

    experiment with harpic for yellow plastic

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