Pick water mimosa in my homeland for cooking – Healthy food


Today I am going to show you Pick water mimosa in my homeland for cooking.
It is very tasty food and healthy food.
Thank you for watching my video good luck.

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  1. lemba sharma says

    I love this vegetable very much.. we call it “Ekai Thabi” in Manipur, north eastern part of India… we have lots in common… love from India👌🏻

  2. SargeanttheVR says


  3. Binadi Kathar says

    Kiya tom bolta ho

  4. 敖红豆 says

    Wow this video is so beautiful to watch! I hope I can make such content as well. thanks for sharing and keep it up

  5. 敖红豆 says

    I love watching your show. You are so kind, simple and humble. I like to see you live a simple but happy life in this province. Your simple recipes look great, especially where you cook and prepare food. Generally speaking, I like watching your program, I like your simplicity! Good luck and more strength for you!

  6. Sekar Komang says

    In indonesia we call putri malu polin,,,but I don't know if it can be eaten…

  7. สงวย จันทศิลา says


  8. renuka says

    മലയാളീസ് ഇബിടെ കമോൺ….

  9. Thyda Cooking TV says

    It’s my life too

  10. Thyda Cooking TV says

    Beautiful wild veggies

  11. Mai ha Trần says

    Bạn ở nước nào vậy nhỉ

  12. D RLVPRASAD says

    👍🙏🏳️🤗 love from 🇱🇰

  13. EatingAdventures says

    Yum, looks good

  14. KITCHEN for ME says

    first time i have seen this water mimosa , It is very tasty food, nice recipe, good luck

  15. Erisha queen says

    I love this mimosa leafs
    In my country its called signia-almia
    It's our local name

  16. NTL vlog says

    I love your videos, and the food you try to try so NTL vlog is there for you

  17. Moa Asen says

    The intro music is so creepy😬 love the show though🙂

  18. คิม อูชิ says

    เหมือนแป๊ะซ๊ะอีสานเลย น่าทานครับ❤️❤️

  19. Zanzan Alydrus says

    Aq pernah makan ini… Rasanya enak ada samar bau pete dikit… Paling enak dimasak santan…. Di Kampungku banyak banget tanaman ini… Namanya kangkung supan alias putri malu bunga kuning yg banyak di pinggiran sungai……
    Yang kuheran baju kakak ini kayak 1 model ya… Model jadul gitu,,, banyak rufel2nya sama mengembang di bahu

  20. Sophan Ban says

    ធ្វេីvideo បែនេះទេីបប្រសេី add some story in it

  21. Mary Ann Canicula says

    Nice cooking at place
    Its really good don't put eye shadow its better simple

  22. Carlos Ramos Condori says

    Agradable comida de casa,

  23. Ed Dee says

    I WANT TO PUT YOU IN MY VIDEO… I ATTACHED A COPY https://youtu.be/vCwXdfkLviU

  24. Kristine sajo's vlog says

    Please speaks more polin .I'd like to hear your voice while doing your video and stuff

  25. Ket Nguyen says

    Cho mình hỏi bạn là người gì vậy

  26. sola hinder says

    Mimosa? Db makahiya yan, kinakain pala yan.. lol

  27. chan Krouch says

    I be honest I love to see more country side food

  28. Jitdin K Sangma says

    Where are you from?

  29. Kaing Hok Seng says

    My favorites foods. Simple but Very Good for our health..

  30. Lai Minah says

    My favrite girl…vry beauty…hrd wrking and frendly….😍😍😍😍😍luv u polin…from sabah…

  31. Damiana santos says

    Ñ sabia que essa plantinha dava pra comer,eu sei que serve pra fazer chá 👍

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