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Learn how to make Potatoes Romanoff! About 10 years ago, I took a trip to Las Vegas with a group of food writers, and while I don’t remember much, I do remember learning how to make this incredible potato gratin from Chef John Schenk, at his restaurant, Strip House. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I really hope you enjoy this amazing Potatoes Romanoff recipe!

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  1. Food Wishes says

    Check out the recipe: https://www.allrecipes.com/Recipe/276526/Steakhouse-Potatoes-Romanoff/

  2. Crisalida Thomassie says

    Awesome recipe! Delicious, luscious and simple to make. Thanks so much!

  3. Barbara Kurtz says

    This reminds me of "funeral potatoes" which I haven't had in decades.

  4. jerry leroy says

    Why wouldn't someone just put sour creme on a baked potato and be done with it. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through in my opinion.

  5. Gardis72 says

    One TEASPOON of salt per potatoe???? John, No, that can't be right. That's insane.

  6. Scott Sharp says

    Making this dish today, well tomorrow after the potatoes rest in the fridge. Always amazing content, beautiful dishes and wonderful comedy&vibe thankUchef John always ❤️💛💚🙏🏾💚💛❤️

  7. Athena Aussie says

    Can you do some SIMPLE recipes please?

  8. Tootsla 125 says

    Definitely going on the Thanksgiving menu!!!!

  9. Akter Swapna says


  10. Phillip Mulligan says

    I bet this would taste really good mixed with a canned corn beef hash. I'm going to serve corned beef hash on the side with surkraut.

  11. Michael Iannucci says

    Very Annoying sing song voice and articulation……sounds like an Ass!!!!

  12. RUBIZEN says

    Pretty close to a great pasta dish. Cooked pasta, add the cheese, onion , sour cream…..!

  13. Gonzalo Murillo says


  14. Funny 305 says

    This guy talks like a roller coaster pitch on every sentence. But i like the recipes

  15. We Solutions says

    WOW that looks amazing.

  16. ANNE SCHMITT says

    Why bake in foil

  17. Tom Barclay says

    You had me until you added the cream. With the exception of cheese, I hate milk products.

  18. vulcanswork says

    I did this today (started the potatoes yesterday) … BEST EVER, EVER, EVER

  19. Cam Schuster says

    Just made these for a friends get together. Holy shit.Insanely good. 10 out of 10 from everyone around the table.I put crispy bacon on top. Dear God in heaven all that is Holy. One of the best things ever, did not know potatoes could do this to me. 🤤

  20. Linda Weddle says

    You rock.// Will you marry me ?

  21. John Jones says

    This is no more than a Double Baked Potato. No big deal..

  22. Jenni Lang says

    Your voice sounds like the guy on The Daily Woo!!!🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  23. maria concilio says

    um, could I dare add some crabmeat to this ?

  24. jjjjjjn12 says

    Just made this yesterday and it is definitely my new favourite potato dish. So good!

  25. Duggin Raymond says

    I just made this for lunch. It ended up in the trash. So salty I almost threw up. Might try again, but definitely won't use 3 tsp of the salt. Should have used only one. It would have been a nice potato dish otherwise.

  26. Edward Man says

    Vegetarian cheat day. That's a big owf

  27. joseph kirby says

    WHY!!? Are there 609, thumbs down on this recipe??😂😂😂 🇺🇸🍻🇺🇸

  28. alex D says

    My dad used to watch this before he passed away 😢

  29. Bert Jones says

    John – I like the recipes and your descriptions for adding and handling the ingredients but your delivery is awful. Distinctive if that's what you're going for but, for me, awful to listen to. At least I know where to find them on allrecipes. CC on, Vol off.

  30. XavierKatzone says

    You keeps saying "bah-tate-ahhh"! 🤣

  31. Private Citizen says

    Pro tip #1 (Sorry Chef John, but this is extremely important to note): NEVER EVER pierce your potatoes through the foil. You WILL push pieces of aluminum foil into your potato, no matter how good you think you are.

  32. Covodex says

    there are people that don't eat potato skins? whats next, peeling apples?

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