Programming Basics: Statements & Functions: Crash Course Computer Science #12


Today, Carrie Anne is going to start our overview of the fundamental building blocks of programming languages. We’ll start by creating small programs for our very own video game to show how statements and functions work. We aren’t going to code in a specific language, but we’ll show you how conditional statements like IF and ELSE statements, WHILE loops, and FOR loops control the flow of programs in nearly all languages, and then we’ll finish by packaging up these instructions into functions that can be called by our game to perform more and more complex actions.

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  1. CrashCourse says

    Hey guys! The fine folks at Thought Café brought our Grace Hopper game to life! Check it out here and tell us your best score! – brandon (366) <– not too shabby

  2. Mohamed Ashraf says

    how can i make a photo effect like this ? 0 1

  3. massp Alex says

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  4. kingstewie says

    great tutorial THANKS YOU !!!!!

  5. taha anouar says

    Love you Crashcourse ❤️

  6. Vinnie P. says

    I feel Like tall Morty when I'm watching these episodes

  7. EnigmatikNeko says

    Fluffle Puff? XD

  8. Joshua Heathcote says

    Pretty sure this is the female version of David Mitchell. Clearly the best series ever created on comp sci and should be shown in all schools. No other material out there compares to this when it comes to learning.

  9. DS Sound says

    You should talk faster, it's slow to understand for us…

  10. Nasser Alariffi says

    i would like to say something about 3:36 an if statement does not use English to work. i think she meant the if statement as this if (energy < 20) { tea = true ) or if you wanted something else to happen when tea = false you could use an else statement which does not have a true or false condition instead it goes like thisif (energy < 20) {tea = true} else {water = true}

  11. Edo Truman says

    01:51 what´s the problem with mouseenter event in that JQuery-File?

  12. Pao XBL says

    None of this makes sense

  13. Bad Juju says

    Thank you for this wonderful succinct yet illuminating explanation!

  14. Ahmad Abou-Elenein says

    1:48 I was making pasta for the first time while I was watching the video and I was wondering how much time to leave it to be cooked till she said 10 min 😂

  15. Rowan Brown says

    I want raining

  16. Luke Baugher says

    where is hank tell me right now

  17. Abstract Approach says

    3:07 if tired is false DOES NOT IMPLY you don't get tea, a very common logical error. If Q then P dies not imply if notQ then notP which is logically equalvalent to if if P then Q

  18. BeepBeepBoopBoop FC says

    As someone who already knows the basics of statements and functions, I feel like she teaches WAY too fast. My university took a 3 days to teach what a method is, and Carrie Anne took 10 minutes.

  19. Daniel Haremza says

    thanks for the explanation. just one thing, you are speaking so fast that I wasn't able to process the information in my brain 🙂

  20. Binoculars Io says

    Is their any reason why needs to talk so fast 💨

  21. Eduardo Brito says

    The first 11 episodes were full of completely new knowledge for me, but I already knew everything in this one, as I've been programming for a while… what a good showcase for the power of abstraction. 😉

  22. MrNothingMaker says

    lol, andre had a cameo.. what a cool gameology crossover..

  23. Dan Ness says

    You know anybody who can network eight Connection Machines and de-bug two million lines of code for what I bid this job?

  24. Fredrik Hertzberg says

    Those were NOT noodles

  25. Renaissance Dreemurr says

    7:59 I see someone is a Flufflepuff fan.

  26. MooSword says

    Great teaching! Thanks for the video

  27. Menelik Z says

    Am I the only one who thinks she has a motor mouth? Slow it down a bit lol so that I can learn something.

  28. DaveyDoo says

    From an outsider whos never coded at 4:10 then python looks the least complicated, is that true in general?

  29. Aee Bee Cee says

    If a receives a letter with xThen a write a letter with y send to z

  30. THE Redstone BR says

    Perfeito para programadores na Unity3D 😀

  31. Loz D says

    This series is exactly how programming should be introduced to kids (or anyone for that matter) 👍

  32. Loz D says

    1:45 Them be funny looking noodles

  33. Fresh Stuff says

    For i=1 to 10Youtube=i+1Next i

  34. ClumsyCora says

    Before I always avoided computer science topics. I always felt overwhelmed even though I belong to the hard sciences. Didn't bother me, I mean, my career should be totally independent from this. But lately at work, I'm dealing with so much data gathering and excel won't cut out–it's an inefficient nightmare. After that, I just knew I had to do something. I'm so happy to at least consider making myself literate and in this journey, this crash course series has been so enjoyable, my younger self would be so surprised. Kudos to you miss and your whole team. The effect is surely exponential. To be honest, i think that education for computer literacy should be as important and free as reading and writing in the future.

  35. Debarshi Majumdar says

    Hi… can anyone please explain me if if the "levelfinished" function needed additional information passed in the brackets ().. "highscore" and "playername"

  36. MightyMirth says

    2:22 got distracted following the bugs and forgot to listen hahaha

  37. Cockeyed Optomist says

    speaks 100 miles per hour, makes my head shatter…at 3/4 playback speed, she made far more sense

  38. bill Niko says

    a function equals to a conditional abstracted variable symbol that hidden procedural program sort of as a word hidden definition.we call you create a function successfully by package program into a function as define function. it will receives value gives to specific named variable from where calls it then processes,gets the result variable value and returns the result value to function,but send value into function and function returns value isn't always an absolutely necessary needed for every function.

  39. bill Niko says

    thanks for your series that most clearly describe about programming I found

  40. Richard S. says

    Hi, does anyone know of a more programming-oriented course online that would be as digestible as this series?

  41. Saidul Hasan says


  42. bill Niko says

    if "X" is truethen do "Y" (do some operating to variable symbol)a golden words of computational theory.

  43. bill Niko says

    a = 5"a" is variable name"5" is variable value"=" is assignment that assign variable value to variable name to create variable symbol,or assign any to can use any symbol to represent any thing or symbol

  44. Ashish Pothi says

    Anyone notice the creeper on the shelf behind her?

  45. bill Niko says

    1:51 this is probably my wrong understanding about programming belowthe program starts at the first statement and runs down one at a time until it hits the end.this maybe not absolutely execute of all programming.I saw so many program if there are some special symbols calls the specific statement the specific statement will executes immediately,not following the up down sequence executing good describes of this case is : if condition have been turned on then program starts and runs down until it hits the end I don't know, this understanding may comes from illusion completely.

  46. bill Niko says

    thanks for your words about programming, if you do some lecture about computation theory the mother theory to mental,psychology,computer,programming,artificial intelligence and etc it will be more much better.

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