Race vs Religion – Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man Ep. 7 w/ Carl Lentz, Hillsong Church


It’s time to talk about race & religion. Carl Lentz, lead pastor of Hillsong East Coast, sits down with Emmanuel Acho to have an uncomfortable conversation about the role religion plays in fueling and/or killing racism.

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  1. MerricMaker says

    Lentz seems thoughtful and authentic, but evangelical church pastors are late to the party when it comes to insights like those of James Cone or liberation theology in general. Evangelicalism was terrified of educating their clergy in seminaries for almost 60 years because they were convinced that education could train the spirit right out of a pastor.White evangelicals were terrified of the fact that Jesus was a socialist. They fixated on sexual propriety and co-oped the most important part of Christ's message.

  2. Meron Wollie says

    Flies in the face of “give the the other cheek “ 🤦🏾‍♀️ no Jesus wouldn’t be marching now… he didn’t come for an earthly kingdom

  3. Nate Clarke says

    Wow I can't believe people buy into this Carl Lentz dude. He preaches a false gospel and worships a false god. That makes him fake and a heretic.

  4. Meron Wollie says

    Jesus will not be marching with BLM his message on earth said about salvation our social justice…That’s exactly why he was crucified because people wanted him to come and advents them from the Roman oppression but He did not he spoke of sin and eternal salvation

  5. Cinthia pratt says

    Ephesians 2:10… racial reconciliation is NOT something we must strive for or try to accomplish. IT IS FINISHED. Now we walk it out. Jesus is the reconciling factor that makes us one race- THE HUMAN RACE. We are no longer male nor female, bond nor free, greek nor jew. I found this whole series to be divisive, judgmental, a secular sociological perspective. Jesus would NOT be destroying property, attacking police officers, promoting an anti- governmental movement or causing this disunity.

  6. Maryannm Jones says

    This should be going on forever yes i am a white woman.

  7. JON OLOT says

    If you are fearful or afraid of losing privileges or advantages you have been enjoying for centuries or decades over others who don’t look like. It’s simple, you just look the other way. USA is not a follower of Jesus country, but a religious country built on injustice. You see, imperialism is being enmeshed with Christianity. Example is how missionaries were put in the front and White supremacy or imperialism hide behind it when people of European descent came to Africa. Donald Trump did the same. He went to stand in front of a church and holding a bible. What a bad rap is he given Christ followers. Everything white supremacy is based on fear of losing economic advantage over people who don’t look like them. Perhaps, also behaving like animals going into extinction. I believe racism is like a code embedded in all human race, waiting to be triggered off. That’s where empathy and compassion will come in like an antidote to this disease called racism.

  8. hvygns15 says

    You know, this conversation here in a sense is part of the problem right now. We should be speaking to each other with love and compassion, but we should be speaking to each other as individuals. I said individuals! Speaking on behalf of the entire white rice, or black race, and calling the entire race oppressed, or racist, is anti-Christian, and anti-humanizing! Don’t speak on behalf of me, I’m not racist! I treat everyone equally, and when I see someone is being dehumanized, or treated less than me, I make sure I try and correct it, and teach my kids not to do the same. Am I perfect, absolutely not, but no one is. Please stop lumping everyone into groups… That’s what keeps us separated. We will never be one if we keep separating each other. And separate from all that, supporting the BLM movement has nothing to do with whether or not I support racism! The BLM movement is openly and actively anti-Christian, and seeks to destroy the biblical version of family, which is the basic building blocks of a Christian society! I can support justice without supporting BLM activities! Unfortunately, at the risk of ascribing motives to this pastor, I think he’s trying to appear cool and “woke” in order to show that he’s not racist, but showing up at a protest doesn’t demonstrate anything except for you’re trying to pick sides. It’s much better to show through your actions!

  9. Janet Pridgen says

    Very good conversation. I guess I was so fortunate to be brought up in a.church that taught loving others, putting others above yourself, the Good Samaritan story, all inclusiveness, close your eyes and now meet someone..how do you know whether you like them or not? By their heart, by their attitude. You can’t see skin color, disfigurations etc. see someone left out? Go meet them, include them stand by them. And that is how I have raised my children. I didn’t realize not every church wasnt like that until recently.

  10. Rachel Nyakaana-Blair says

    This is so good!!!!

  11. Marion Hubbard says

    Best one yet, Thank you for the open and honest conversations.

  12. Brucking Filliant says

    Too bad they didn't address a truly uncomfortable question: why do any people, but black people especially, cling to a religion whose foundational text sanctions slavery and describes in some lurid detail how extensively one is allowed to beat their slaves? I would honestly like to know the answer.Unfortunately, of the scores of times I've seen Christians confronted with this question, they debase themselves by making feeble excuses or changing the subject.

  13. Althea Gonzalez says

    I appreciated the conversation but not the way the pastor jokingly responded to some direct answers. Sarcastic or playful doesn't feel appropriate for this conversation.

  14. James Frazee says

    Galatians 3:28

  15. ealistello says

    I’m a white woman-no kids. Raised in suburban Detroit during the 1960s/70s, my parents/our family were very involved in the integration/peace/social justice causes. As kids, both parents pointed out racism in real time- as Carl is doing 50 years later…….. I’ve been calling out racist behavior for 50 years.

  16. ealistello says

    I’m a white woman-no kids. Raised in suburban Detroit during the 1960s/70s, my parents/our family were very involved in the integration/peace/social justice causes. As kids, both parents pointed out racism in real time- as Carl is doing 50 years later…….. I’ve been calling out racist behavior for 50 years.

  17. Sam Be Mixing says

    Id like this show better if we had someone who lineage actually linked to American Slavery. Emmanuel Acho is not it. thank you for your attempt but your fight and my fight are different, my people didn't come here willingly.

  18. Bertram Davis says

    This is the conversation I wanted to hear, because I struggle with christianity terribly. I just can't fully embrace it.

  19. T J says

    I have talked to alot of my friends who are white, and they say that they have talked to their parents and elders. One of their biggest fears, is that black and brown people are everywhere and changing things. They are scared that we will start to mistreat them. I don't have the energy nor the power to mistreat folks. We can do better by each other at the end of the day. ❤🙏🏾

  20. Barrie Sacks says


  21. justasimple man says

    I love the Lord. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. I love the lost. I am frustrated that Carl Lentz (and his horrendous Biblical hermeneutics) is chosen, and feels the liberty, to speak for the Christian Church. He does not represent me.

  22. Tanner Dee says

    the minister he speaks of is farrakhan

  23. Jennifer B says

    so good!

  24. Denise Vargas says

    Wow! This really hit home with me. I am a Hispanic woman with a disability and while I know God is with me… I have had a very hard time believing He is in any church that is truly "teaching" how Jesus lived and how we SHOULD live as he did. I was brought up Catholic, then I was a Jehovah's Witness, and now I do not attend any church because of the hypocrisy I feel exist in churches. Yes, it starts and ends with our leaders. Our leaders in the church and our leaders in the country. Yes, we start with our children. God gave us His son to teach us how to be good, loving, and caring towards one another. We are also God's children, Jesus is our brother… siblings are supposed to be there for each other. We need to be there and anywhere that our brothers or sisters are in trouble.

  25. Erica Johnson says

    It's super cool that you have this but white people are not the only races people o have experienced Asian beings races and Mexicans. I had a Asian tell me they dont eat at African restaurants because they have aids. I had a Asian tell me they were taught that Africans went to.amercia because they begged whites for money. I mean seriously the whole world is races towards blacks. My father afro Latin and he sealed with races Mexicans. Others women not only white women are races toward black women especially when they have a black woman. Let's expand this topic its unfair just to say whites are uncomfortable. Asians are uncomfortable when I walk in the beauty supply store.

  26. Barzin Lotfabadi says

    Hmm, this video inadvertently framed Christianity as fitting the only definition of religion, but there's countless people who practice different religions that went unmentioned. Maybe you Americans believe Jesus is God, but not everyone believes that – and you will never be authorities on this matter.

  27. Februarlig says

    I'm always hesitant to see these videos. Because they are "uncomftable", but every video amazes me. Thank you Emmanuel, for giving me a safe space to learn. Sincerly from a white scandinavian woman

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