RACING PINKLEAF for a DOMINUS! (Tower of Hell) – Linkmon99 Roblox


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Linkmon99 faces off against OBBY MASTER PinkLeaf to see who the true Tower of Hell LEGEND is. Who will win the dominus? WATCH TO FIND OUT!



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  1. Linkmon99 says

    Major shoutout to the bro PinkLeaf for this awesome race – I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED, it was really fun to film and edit this! Also, I'm finally starting to upload more frequently, expect something special for Thanksgiving 😉

  2. Mystical Leaf says

    linkmon: i am pretty good at obbies
    Me: you will be good if you didnt try to copy pink leaf's style

  3. Trisha Garsain says

    Linkmon99: Is this guy a hacker?

    Pinkleaf: JUST BEING GOOD

  4. Enclyd Gamez says

    I watcjed pinkleafs vid

  5. amaiiza says

    more then cm164 obstacles

  6. Marias Rodriguez says

    linky daddy 🙂 naw jp with you daddy

  7. Ninja O749OO says

    Still pink leaf sorta better;)

  8. zareen capital says

    Get admin and banned pinkleaf cause he sucks

  9. HighChewy says

    Linkmon99’s video: *Him talking*
    PinkLeaf’s video: *No talking but with music*

  10. Luke Butler says

    Good vid

  11. Zyra Apricot says


    Lost the dominus

  12. Keeny roger says

    Yo linkmon join me all the time and i will make you better than pinkleaf username:KobiPlayzTOH

  13. IVAN CRIS NARIA says


  14. IVAN CRIS NARIA says


  15. JAIRUS NAS says

    Linkmon : racing pinkleaf for dominus
    My mind : giving pink leaf a free dominus

  16. SacTheSacMinic says

    Linkmon99:hes a hacker
    Me:no bro he got admin ftom the creator/Dev

  17. Lagno says

    Why is the first thing that came is Linkmon99 roblox password when i type linkmon99 xD

  18. Honza Šrámek says

    Its Fake Because Pinkleaf Would Never Fall Pinkleaf Was Even Waiting Until Linkmon Win

  19. reshma naik says


  20. reshma naik says

    I don't think linkmon99 will see this but if he does linkmon plz add me user-palashrnaik

  21. Jack says

    Make more vids with ren so he can upload daily plz

  22. Jack says

    Bruh its so ez i suggest you tell ren/pinkleaf to teach you. learn from the master himself master the mind master the heart… And then you will become a pro and beat the master and you can get ur dominus back xD

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