Racing University of Oregon Students for $100!!


Part II in my “Race me for $100” series. In this one I head to the University of Oregon campus to race some FAST athletes. Connect with me on Messenger:

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Thank you for watching this video. My favorite days are those that stimulate me physically and mentally. Athletics keeps my body fit, entrepreneurial business keeps my mind fit. Welcome to the life of the ATHLETEPRENEUR!

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Nick Symmonds is a two-time Olympian and a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and president of Nick Symmonds, LLC and the co-founder and CEO of Run Gum, a caffeinated chewing gum company that gives people a quick boost in energy and focus with their revolutionary energy gum.

Nick holds a degree in biochemistry from Willamette University. He is also an Eagle Scout, a published author, and an accomplished fly fisherman and mountaineer.

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  1. Nick Symmonds says

    Not sure what hurt more, losing some money or losing a race! Which was your favorite race?

  2. TRIXZZ_TAY 12 says

    Ethan runs flat foot that y h wasn't running as fast

  3. _MICHA3L_ eZ says

    Race savage shawn pls

  4. Pavan M S says

    This guy got more love in his 18 minutes video than I got in my entire life.

  5. Dinora Escamilla says

    New to your channel and I love these videos!!! Subscribed 👌😊

  6. kimberly bell says

    my man cheated

  7. Billy Chip says

    Idk but the guy in all gray sweats seem like he beat him he deserves that dub

  8. equal rights equal fights GENDER EQUALITY says

    yo the first girl was the slowest being ive seen like really :/

  9. Edward Kiep says

    Dude this gets me pumped! I'd love to race you! I'd need to get back in running shape though XD

  10. MB Music says

    *Sees first black kid …” you look fast”

  11. Ansh Gates says

    00:50 they are already running xD

  12. zahid bhat says

    That guy on the Cycle, why did i bring it here today.

  13. Real Gurkha Athlete' Animals matter says

    I can definitely beat u #nick_symmonds ..I'm real Gorkha 💪

  14. Marvin Divas says

    Me might fail or might win somehow

  15. Sadhil Singh says


  16. Matthew Orihuela says

    7:30 man missed two fist bumps

  17. Faze Slink says

    Wheres hull

  18. TrialEdition says

    the other just got longer strides

  19. Jacob Kapala says

    It is nice to see Nick actually win something again hahah

  20. Gesù Cristo says

    Oh,i'm Sorry but i've done 100 m in 11,98 seconds

  21. Just Leo says

    I really want to try sum rungum

  22. AV1 says

    I follow you from France 🇫🇷

  23. Jeremiah Fletcher says

    You ran against Luis Peralta ayeee

  24. freak0rico says

    14:30 whahahah awkward !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. freak0rico says

    0:35 I,M NOT GOING EASY ON THESE KIDS!!!cut them some slack, they're just kids!!! whahahaha 😉

  26. Chandu Gonuguntla says

    Sophie from Bay Area though 🤟🏼

  27. Erick Torres says

    I'll beat him his easy to beat in a race

  28. It Ain’t Easy says

    Cheat to win lol

  29. Teddy BAD B0Y says

    Guy that beat him definitely said “go” a little fast lol

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