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[IN測試] 雷霆重生 – KYMCO Racing S 125

由內而外徹底改變 重新詮釋雷霆風格 KYMCO Racing S 125 將以截然不同的新面貌 呈現光陽新世代速克達概念雷霆重生 - KYMCO Racing S 125 製作協力:SUOMY TaiwanRS Taichi Taiwan莊政威 Cliff Chuang (小三)S級速人

Bullet Racing

Place your bets. The guys are all fired up to race various projectiles against each other, and then check out the results frame by frame. Check out The Super Slow Show, only on YouTube.

Drag Kart Racing Compilation

The UK Drag Kart series is full of all different engine/power adder combinations which makes it real exciting to watch whenever they're at the track. Also seeing a Go-Kart hit low 9 second…