Red Velvet Irene's Production Manager REVEALS incident with Stylist is SM Entertainment's Fault!


Red Velvet Irene production manager for her first big screen debut “Double Patty” said that the recent controversy of bad attitude regarding Irene and her Stylist, was the not the idol’s fault but the management’s fault. She said that idols are cash cows of the company and they pamper and spoil their most popular idols/groups.

What do you think? Is the production manager making any sense or not?

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  1. Blue Straw22 says

    Not y’all blaming the stylist 👩🏾‍🦯

  2. Pyonethet hnin says

    In this event , Most of Stylists and makeup artists protected Irene . I believe Irene and she do not do ugly manner like that . Everybody do not remember the person who worked together 2 years ago .Irene has responsibility mind if she has no error , she apologized but SM do not protect their artist . I trust , love and always stand Irene and RV.

  3. sause123 says

    I know she did wrong but none of us are very good or very bad, we all do mistakes and we should take responsibility for that and stop being toxic, we all have our own opinions toward people so stop forcing your opinion on others and don't act like you never did anything wrong in your life

  4. Remus Pierre says

    So sad

  5. chin min yi says

    @Ally Reyes  I agreed with u about not protecting wrong actions but I gotta is she already apologized I hope things will move on and stop all the hates comments cause she ALREADY APOLOGIZED what u guys still want the stylist also forgave her why just can't give Irene a chance to make up for her mistakes.I know she did wrong this time but still u guys think u did right to say bad to a person??I'm reveluv sry but I'm not protecting her wrong action I know she did wrong but please stop accusing her I hope she will be a better person and leader after this situation please,u can choose not to like her but stop talk hate and bad about Irene for the fans please support Irene always thank you!!!

  6. Ally Reyes says

    I just wanna say whoever try to defend irene and say sucha “please dont accuse irene. Its not about this. We should know what had happened. There must be a reason why shes getting angry.” “All the staffs who worked with irene defend irene. Those all statements are not true. Irene is kindeharted blablabla”.

    For God sake. Even irene herself admitted it. Why bother to manipulate publiv that she did nothing? Are u protecting BULLIES??? i dont get it.

    lemme tell u. Define GROW UP. mature human being. getting too emotional and doin VERBAL ABUSE to staff even if its the staffs fault is not a good choice. Its immature.

    Staffs are human too. Irene is not the only HUMAN here. Cant u put yourself in the staffs the shoes ? The staff cried. Try to understand? Yourself was not even there. U and i are the same, just readers and viewers. The VICTIM just spoke up. Why bother to force people to close their ears about this? This is stupid

    Just bcs staffs always work behind camera and doing all the idols need DOESNT MEAN the idols can do anything they want without thinking. This is stupid and childish. Cmon irene fanatic fans. GROW UP.

    Theres also the quotes saying ::

    “Being mature person is when u know the fraud but remain to understand and not getting angry over a small or big thing. Solve everything with a calm mind.”

    Stfu whoever doesnt agree with my statement above. If u dont agree with me, u are clearly supporting to bullying staffs in any conditions. thx.

  7. I don't care says

    Negative days

  8. I heart Bubble tea says

    Who knows maybe Irene stood up for something other idols couldn’t and just lost control. We don’t know idols, but we also don’t know the behind the scenes of the jobs.

  9. mhahkheyh says

    it sounds like a horror documentary

  10. Dan Lin says

    Irene admit it.
    Bad attitude.

  11. Pink Gangsta says

    Okey so everyday there is an update about this accident.
    BUT people only know the FIRST day news ONLY THAT NEWS.

  12. David Shannon says

    Sometimes idols apologize even if they are not at fault to end a controversy faster. People in some Asian countries apologize even if not at fault. There are two sides to every conflict. No one knows for sure, so Irene and the stylist should be the ones to deal with the incident.

  13. Yun Ni says

    excuse me , you treat ppl the way based on who you are ! There is no excuse of being spoiled by management company . If you are a humble person, you will treat everyone in a humble manner ! On top of that , Irene is a 30 years old female idol , you should never compare her with a spoiled little kids . She knows better ! And the stylist deserves better

  14. frida rahma says

    I know Irene was wrong, I'm a fan and I admit it. but I found a lot of harsh words and insults, I think you guys are not criticizing but hating her for no reason. Then what's the difference between you and her? it means you made the same mistake as Irene. all problems always have two sides. we only hear one side and don't know what's really going on, so don't say any exaggerated junk words dear

  15. ayu Pambudi says

    its over, she is gentle and ask apologize. Please stop talking about this. Love u irene.

  16. elaine may magtagad says

    i am lucky that i am a certified ONCE..

  17. Fawwaz Yusof says

    They had to cover Irene scandal with new girl group. What goes around comes around. SM never learn. All this happened on purpose…..all started from Wendy's incident

  18. c.l li says

    It doesn't matter who, it only matter did Irene insult the stylist

  19. Ray143 says

    How can we support one side, we don't know the complete history, SM won't let Irene talk about it until she gets out of SM, we only know stylist/editor/exjournalist's side, also if the supposed audio is out it can't say who irene is as person cuz minutes can't define as one, stylist said she only recorded irene claiming at her, but she didn't record neither know the reason why irene claimed, how there could not be a reason? I can't say irene did well that day, but how if the reason was something big that was against irene's principles? On another hand, maybe if it is how irene normally behave i really wish she think about it and become a better person i know she could. But we don't know what happened behind and the stylist has had dark past with other idols like f(x) and snsd, sure i can support one side, but only after the complete story is out.

  20. Brian Westfield says

    Red Velvet is disbanding?? 😲

  21. Stareo Tv says

    Everyone really become judges when this kind of things happen lol..many judges here said something withouht considering both side of the story…if people see how real judges in court they will judge fairly by listen from both side of the story and the result could be the other way around..I said it cause I learned law…but for now we only see just from the other side of the story…we can't conclude what actually happen tbh…it's sound unfair to me…

  22. StanMe says

    If you think Irene was bad woman, she also tired for acting good just to impress people. And if you hate this woman just for one bad things she do, don't be her fans when she at the best. Because she also a human like us. Just stop being toxic. She can be stress too. If you don't like her, just stay away.

  23. Jbug T says
  24. lili ailee says

    Thenwhy did she apologized?

  25. Lei Hazel Cauilan says

    I hope someone will make a cheer up video for irene and on how a nice person she is.

  26. smhaaokir says

    Haters will still be like "nya nya nya lies nya nya nya"

  27. rolando cabalu says

    Yea posting the incident online was obviously to humiliate her like she did to him . He felt disrespected so he wanted to do same to her but he wanted the world to know what she did. Privately to her or her manager would of made more sense. Both parties are getting so much hate its unbelievable especially irene even some of her members are getting hate. I feel bad for all of girls man. I dont see a come back anytime soon.

  28. Autumn Spring says

    Y’all ‘fans’ should stop defending Irene blindly, especially under this video, because this video clearly isn’t about something good to Irene. It clearly said that Irene is a spoilt child. How is this a good thing? Y’all should stop saying that it isn’t Irene’s fault when she’s being a spoilt child lol. Fans should stop causing more hate to Irene without yourselves noticing okay? Defending her blindly won’t do any good to her, instead she’ll get more hate because of ‘fans’ talking nonsense.

  29. Autumn Spring says

    Fame can ruin a person. Irene is an example.

  30. Margret Chongloi says

    The stylish should have state the reason for her to get scolded and be humiliated for 20 mins firstly rather then updating about her current situations to everyone. Scolding cannot be called bullying. I think this situation needs more detail and logical reasoning.

  31. ann gleeson says

    Till they no longer need them then they are expendable

  32. DeadMan_W says

    Is Irene an adult or is she not? Make up your minds people. This is taking away her agency as a human. That's pretty degrading.

  33. Creator 101 says

    ACTUAL FACT: We will NEVER KNOW what really happened.

  34. never ever igot eyes on you says

    1) production manager made a generalized statement ….he himself doesn't know what waa going on 😑
    2) she admitted it herself so whats the point of further discussion ???
    3) many of the industry insiders liked the stylist's post …..why !!!
    4 ) issues have been resolved by both the parties so….stop already

  35. Jessie Belle says

    It's easier to judge than to believe~~


    Something like this is inevitable in the entertainment industry. Whether we like it or not it’s bound to happen. Not defending/attacking Irene cos I don’t her PERSONALLY or the artist behind the screen.
    But still wondering why this is dragging on? I mean, she already apologized and the stylist said it is settled?

  37. kyo_k93 says


  38. Youtube Virus says

    "Don't confuse my personality with my attitude.My personality is who i am.My attitude depends on who you are" – Frank Ocean

  39. •Ethereal Ghoul• says

    Irene admitted to it instead of lying and creating a bigger problem. Irene apologized THREE times, both online AND in person. The stylist accepted her apology, it’s over. So just stop sending both Irene and the stylist hate, because you don’t know them and you don’t know what actually happened behind the scenes. So quit thinking that you know everything and quit making up lies to cover up for Irene. Both sides is at fault, but Irene apologized and the apology was approved by the stylist. SO JUST STOP

  40. Han Je Neul says

    Im not saying that im defending irene but please you should know the real story not the fake one.

    "Idk why but everytime idols have a solo promotion or activities i notice that there's so many rumors will spread about them"

  41. dububer says

    If someone is only nice to their friends and seniors, but rude to subordinates of service staff, then you're nothing but another "Karen" an entitled woman.

  42. Yes Oppa? says

    This is just damage control

  43. dububer says

    Looks can be deceiving and let's be real, sometimes we don't even know our own friends and family members, what more an idol who we'd never met in person and only saw on TV. Even non celebs fake their personality and portray their best self online. There are kdramas having a "celebrity/idol character" whose acting sweet on cam but bitch off cam is because it happens in real life and people working in the industry knows about it.

  44. Bae V says

    Is there any more other excuses for Irene??

  45. dububer says

    Irene debuted in her 20s. She’s 29 years old now and there are idols who became a trainee and debuted much younger than her. She’s not a teenager to be influenced by the environment. The fact that Irene is infamous among the staffs, and employees warned the editor about her then it is obviously her personality being on a "power trip".

  46. Humble Beast says

    I was fan of her but I hate her now

  47. Rose Binoy says

    No one knows the truth, so SHUT UP !!!

  48. maximo salustri says

    Gente en español necesito traducción bbs

  49. Bibbi Torres says

    I mean, the stylist's statement was rather vague but highly emotional. What exactly happened? What did Irene say or do exactly? I can have a bad day and even the slightest ignored sentence or wrong gaze can make me cry and dislike the person, when, in reality, it was solemnly my own issues and nobody did anything bad to me. Perhaps the stylist was doing something like peeking at Irene's phone or getting too personal, and Irene called them out? Maybe they called Irene on a date and she refused, so they are bitching about her now? We do not know the truth, and it is very immature to blame someone based on a single-person statement. I am not saying Irene is flawless and i am not defending her, but I cannot have any bad feelings towards her because I was not there and I do not know the truth.

  50. A ‘ says

    Okay I’m not trying to hate on Irene or SM BUT, the stylist is said to have a recording of Irene probably shouting at her. If this was not true, neither would SM or IRENE be that quick to apologise. We al know SM does not apologise that quick. But yet, we still don’t know.

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