RHYME SO – Fashion Blogger (Official Music Video)


RHYME SO are RHYME & Shinichi Osawa
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Starring: RHYME, MILK

Shinichi Osawa
Michelle Michaelson, Senko

ーRival Skaters
Anastasiya Galustyan, Yulia Shur, Nana Blank, ARISAK, Mika Kubota, Kumiko Maeda, Satsuki Yoshinaga, Alice Joroe, Labiannajoroe, Lyra-h.Grail

Junior Berenguer, Jet Axel, Gaku Sano, Mari Azuma, Chris Nodeisha, Nataliya Loboda

All figure skating tricks by RHYME & MILK
Except triple salchow body double: Anastasia Galustyan

Director: Masashi Muto
Story: Masashi Muto, Nao Koseki

Creative Director, A&R: Nao Koseki
Artist Management: Toshimi Hatakeyama

Producer: Yusuke Horio
Production Manager: Issei Hatanaka

Director of Photography: Masashi Muto
Gaffer: Masao Kato
Drone: Kazuki Tanaka
Decorator: Ai Chikui
Production Designer: Shinichi Mitsuzawa
1st AD: Reggie White

<RHYME and the Cast>
Stylist: babymix
Make-up: MICHIRU (3rd)
Hair: Katsuyoshi Hayashi (JILL)

Hair & Make-up: herself

Choreography by MILK, RHYME, Andrei Antontov

MILK @Qmanagement NY

Editor:Fumitomo Kobayashi
Compositor:Manami Kishi
Colorist:Shigeyuki Toriumi
Sound Designer:Tatsuya Komatsu

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  1. Nathaniel Jones says

    why did you un follow more like why didn't you sub seriously though this is a real problem

  2. David Borrallo says

    Que maravilla más absoluta

  3. greYrealitY says

    fun. humour. picture. lyrics. niiiiice

  4. Nikola Georgiev says

    Pretty shit

  5. btf000 says

    That Shinichi snap.Gets me everytime….

  6. Abed Nadir says


  7. CH Moore says

    Love this creative video!!! Awesome costumes and such a professional vidoe!!! Love the irony of the song and a great commentary on the world we live in!!!

  8. Hermila Heart says

    Man I'm so glad I got this as an ad a bit ago 💕✨💕✨

  9. Ella says

    I hate this song. It makes me cringe because of all this "instagram, like, comment" stuff. I find its lazy and she just repeats the same things, but I think RHYME SO has so much potential.

  10. NasikaSakura says

    I love how this feels like a new installment of "I Am Sophie," the musical. <3

  11. Canadian Jane says

    love the video!

  12. Victoria Bryer says

    I'm a fashion blogger too, but not really. I don't have a blog, or followers.

  13. Amy Nova says

    Is this the daughter that girl from duece bigalow male giggalo who worked at the fish store and grabbed snails?? Cause they look exactly alike!

  14. Dash Dash says

    too bad it's not in 4K

  15. Jacqueline Van Bierk says

    Love the video and bassline <3

  16. Mark Frieser says

    I love this, I love you both and MILK is awesome, great job RHYME SO.

  17. El Gordo Cósmico says

    I try to respect all music but god, allow me to say this is just garbage pls

  18. Andrea Fussaro says

    Ok the visuals are great but the song……..😐😐😐

  19. Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface says

    Milk is disgusting. What a contrast from the amazingly beautiful Rhyme, which creates straight men.

  20. Bxrbie _xX says

    the visauls were amzing but the song isnt for me sorry gurl

  21. King of the Ice says

    I am a figure skater and i do crazy make up… but i wish it was like this but too much is considered illegal for guys and girls to dress and look like that… this is so cool… and work those solders bitch… i wanna ask if you actually skate… ik Milk does but the techniques in the video were spot-on… great video and the music is a bop.

  22. ragingrobloxkids says

    Sensitive youtubers felt that when she said "likes and dislikes".

  23. Dark Chld says

    I just shared…. So dope

  24. Helga Wessler says

    What happened to her leg and dairy look video she used to do ?????

  25. Yo Uso says

    2:56 👌👏👏👏🏆

  26. Francisco Shibata says

    Put various parts of this music on Tiktok please

  27. twenty twenty says

    Im in love with you❤

  28. 海苔味付け says


  29. YouTube Cat says

    I love the concept of ice skating

  30. Selena tuttle says

    Your so Pretty I like your outfit I wish I had that beautiful white outfit💗❤😘😊

  31. R MCK says

    If Gaga and Ariana Grande had a baby…..

  32. R MCK says

    Fabulous. I want more songs and videos.

  33. Nate Hawkins says

    why the fuck do people like this

  34. Vincent Caruso says

    i need bleach…….. to wash clothing not to put in my eyes or anything why would u think that 😉

  35. btf000 says


  36. pixies says

    the visuals are amazing !! just kinda wish the song was a bit . . . more?

  37. Sara carlyle says

    The skating is so cool. Is it just me or does the song just feel kinda…dead? Social media is bad, I get it, blahblabla

  38. hhris C says

    This was an ad i seen, but that girl is so pretty, i had to find out what this is

  39. PrincessSunny says

    How is there only 1k likes?

  40. Katey says


  41. Michelle Murry says

    Love it! 🌈💞☺️

  42. Craig Bloxom says

    I think it's GROUSE! ☆☆☆☆

  43. ふわはむ says


  44. goemon4 says

    This shit is dope as hellReminds me of Open Your Eyes (Yukihiro Fukutomi) but with that Mondo Grosso funkBig up to MilkWhole crew in the vid is pure vibe, pure style

  45. Julieth 23 says

    Alguien que me explique que es estooooo?

  46. Zsavage1 says

    This video is an error… someone even had the nerve to put music video in the description … that's a laugh… This video is right up there with this one… Little Wings – Mark Gormley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9J65j2GNzw

  47. Tess Farrell says

    If only the skating world was as inclusive as this music video

  48. Luna Winchester says

    Love it!!!!!!!

  49. Noé Ruiz ponce says

    What the fuck! I’m freaking in loveeeeeeeeee!!! Love everything about this video

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