Riverina Agriculture Australia by Vince Bucello


Copyright Vince Bucello 2009. This video shows the Riverina Agricultural area of Australia. It grows a broad range of fruits and vegetables. Produce is harvested and packed in the Riverina and sold all over the world. Wine grapes, oranges, rice, prunes, wheat & olives are just some of the food products highlighted. A vince Bucello production.

Source: https://hugochamber.org
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  1. Mee Khing Lim says

    is the vacanies for farm helpers readily available? I am planning to spend 3 months in Victoria for holidays

  2. gee112011 says

    wow!!..i like it..how amazing…

  3. Marstrand R. says

    "To feed everyone", you make it sound as if a famine is on the way. At ease, the Australian government is not totalitarian form of government, if production needs to increase you can be sure that production will do just that. This is a good thing, particularly when green farming practices are being implemented along the way. Rejoice! Rejoice I say!

  4. Marstrand R. says

    A must see destination for certain! Time to do some further research.

  5. Nam Nguyen trung says

    it is very cool

  6. Hubert Von Mag-aso says

    someday i'll work there. =)

  7. okugotme says


  8. redwine adams says

    wow this is beautiful indeed, agriculture is quite rewarding if you think about it 🙂

  9. Paul Collins says


  10. westq2 says

    beautiful farm

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