Rose Bowl Series Finale: Kalispell vs Utah | NCAA Football 14 Dynasty – Ep.249


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  1. Dylan Jordan says

    Man this was an amazing series cane ncaa 14 will be back I’m sure

  2. G Mal says

    Hope Eric Bates makes it into the Broncos series

  3. Jay says


  4. welderyeti 23 says


  5. Beetlejuiceisthegoat69 says

    I know this might be asking a lot but you should make a video about all of the best players at every position in kalispell.

  6. Forrester Carraway says

    At least one last draft to see where everyone is head pls

  7. Dakota Day says


  8. AJ Jobb says

    throwback to game #1 with the flea flicker to open the game


    Congratulations for yet another Rose Bowl victory! Way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. If nothing else, you have kept Kalispell edge of your seat entertaining!!!

  10. Sarah Zimmerman says

    The 100: "Your fight is over."

  11. real savage productions says

    Do you have Lincoln High in teambuilder on Ps3

  12. Jacob Pfeiffer says


  13. Davontae Hogan says

    If you not going to play madden 21. You need to update 20, because I wanna see what blackjack do with redd. He's a safety I wanna see in the NFL…

  14. Coal Sports says

    Man I’m gonna miss this team

  15. EPF says

    this makes me sad

  16. Pooch says

    Gonna miss it all

  17. bomplete says

    I would love to see a year by year best moments video even if it's a few hours long

  18. Sleepy Pasta Gaming says

    One more season,one more title,one more anything

  19. Sleepy Pasta Gaming says

    I've been watching this series since day 1,literally I heard about your channel when the first day of this serseries started,imma miss this series.Heck I'm gonna download this team if it's out,but As long as he does a series JUST LIKE THIS,I'll accept this.Honestly I loved this series but everything comes to an end

  20. scott clark says

    This is one for the books this series was incredible thank you everyone for all the memories

  21. Hepborn Highlights says

    damn… it’s really over. thanks for years of entertainment cane, this series was the best on YT 💯

  22. GKdunch says

    it will be missed

  23. Terrell B Adams says

    Eric Bates impressed me is he going to be in the Irvin draft class?

  24. impossible gaming says

    I remember that day in 2016 that a terrible walk-on team was born.

  25. dran_kito says

    1st Quarter: Oh, I know where the Venom went.2nd Quarter: Warhawks get back from their baseball gameAfter game: I cry because it's all over.

  26. DolFan316 says

    It's crazy that Antwan Morgan is a 96 OVR QB who's barely played at all 😲😲😲

  27. DolFan316 says

    Jackson finishes as the second leading rusher in school history and the only one besides Sheridan to rush for over 3000 yards. Not bad for someone who was supposed to be the backup to Montrell Bonds for 3-4 years 😎 Turns out Cane got the career he wanted from a RB in that class, but not the one he thought. #irony

  28. Young JDR says

    Yo what’s good bro, I want to set up a franchise with a bunch of YouTubers big/small, lmk if u down and wanna help do this!

  29. DolFan316 says

    Strange but true: Irvin had exactly six 300-yard passing games in each of his four seasons.

  30. DolFan316 says

    Please don't go, don't go, don't go away. Please don't go, I'm begging you to stay.

  31. DolFan316 says

    I should've known even at 21-0 that Cane would find a way to beat a Pac 12 team. Even Stanford couldn't beat him anymore.

  32. DolFan316 says

    I love how the senior RB battered the D into submission and set up the game winning FG, probably the best ending one could've hoped for under the circumstances.

  33. Spooky Williams says

    I really watched every episode of kalispell, thank you for this series Cane

  34. Tyler Lesniewicz says

    The Finale. I can't believe it.

  35. Denali Aviation says

    I’m hoping for a new dynasty!

  36. DolFan316 says

    12:58 NO MIRVIL NO!!! WTF ARE YOU DOING!!! 😠😠😠 Edit: Never mind, I guess I can let it slide 😊

  37. Scott Anderson says

    I’m going to miss this channel. If you ever do more college football I will subscribe again. You’re the very best of the NCAA Broadcasters.

  38. DolFan316 says

    12:04 Only McNair could've turned that into a score, he's the one player I'll miss most of all 😥

  39. DolFan316 says

    I admit it, I skipped to the end after 21-0.

  40. john joe says

    So anticlimactic like should've been a natty

  41. Matt Proctor says

    Congrats on gritting out one final victory for Kalispell. It's been a hell of a ride, and I've loved being there for every step of the way. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes and more of your content.

  42. SR Jay says

    Wow can't you believe it the series is seriously ending i can't believe it OMG.

  43. Stephen Cannon says

    It's so crazy 😫 that I'm going to miss watching this series! Warhawks Fight On!

  44. Ed Moss says

    I'm gonna put my slight cynicism regarding how the series finale game played out like a Hulk Hogan match at Wrestlemania to one side and congratulate you Cane on the best sports gaming series I've watched. Your content has helped me through some bad times in this lockdown period and I thank you for all your efforts and wish you ongoing success with your channels…Best wishes from Dublin Ireland and stay safe to everyone watching….Warhawks Forever!!!

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