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Ever felt judged for how you dress? Yes. Ever judged someone else for how they dress too? Definitely. We asked style icons Hana, Susie, Camille, Freddie, Masha, Gala, Samar and Clementine to tell us about their own experiences of judging and being judged.

Watch the film and join them in pledging to #SaySomethingNice.

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  1. LadyC Vlogs says

    me encanta la propuesta del anuncio. Yo también me he sentido así siempre, atacada por vestir diferente a lo que se consideraba normal en un pueblo de Andalucía. ¡Muy chulo el anuncio!

  2. Casamento e Etc. says

    muito legal

  3. Serina G H says

    Luna P Sailor Moon i have that <3

  4. Una chica de youtube says

    If the things that the say became true the world would be better

  5. Virolaxion says

    What!? Women get judged… regularly? How is this possible! Did I hear correctly? Men don't get judged often tbh, so I didn't realise how severe an issue judgement of clothing was. I pledge to never judge anyone ever again.But seriously, at least attempt to promote your company via a slightly more serious social issue next time. This is laughable.

  6. Mey Bae says

    This is amazing oh my God 😍

  7. Tracy Gold Fashion Tips says

    I love this! Let's judge less and uplift more often.

  8. Darkshizumaru says

    First world problems.

  9. Sara36 says

    I love them all

  10. Améthyste says

    C'est vrai que les hommes ne sont jamais jugés

  11. Chrissy1605 says

    This is really sweet and adorable video! All of them are beautiful! 🙃

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