SECRET behind healthy NURSERY PLANTS ((Tamil)


in this video you will come to know about the secret behind healthy nuursery plants
What is h2o2?
How to use use h2o2 in the garden in Tamil
uses of h2o2 in the garden
is H2o2 safe for plants?

Fertlizer for bud fall in vegetable plants in tamil

5 organic liquid fertilizer for rose plants in tamil

Add solid manure like this

Every day liquid fertilizer for plants in tamil

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  1. Ananthi Ananthi says

    Your video is useful. I will try my plants.

  2. nagajothi subramanian says

    Good morning.nice tip's ma

  3. All in all tips vidhya says

    Hibiscus and ஜாதி பூ வேர் alugi நோய் வரும் athuku இந்த h2o2 oothalama..

  4. S.m.venkat San says


  5. ss garden says

    எங்கே வாங்கினிங்கபா சொல்லுங்கள் மா 🌸

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  7. Swetha Vani says

    Very very very useful video sister

  8. anbu selvi says

    Thank you for sharing this news.Sweet voice.Tamizh name for children.Nice.

  9. Lalitha Karnan says

    Very good information .thanks alot

  10. Martin Julier says

    New information. Thank you. What about cost?

  11. Ma dhan says

    Madam the way I narrate&Ur garden arrangements are Good.. Final blessings – GOD bless U = WE LIKE THIS ON ALL..👏👏🙏🙏💐💐💐

  12. ganesh raja says

    H2o2 yanga vaangineenga sollamudiyuma

  13. Yummy moms Kitchen says

    நாத்து எடுத்து நட்டு 15-20 நாள் ஆகிவிட்டது ஆனால் செடி வளரவே இல்லையே ஏன் sis

  14. Yummy moms Kitchen says

    Is this a secret ,nice presentation

  15. Isa Isabeebi says

    Useful message sis.

  16. puppy padma says

    Super tips thank you so much dear


    Presentation superb useful tips

  18. Ganesh A says

    Sis…. nice to share with us this screct please price mention for this liquid 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👌👌👍👍😉😉😱

  19. Elizabeth Thomas says

    This video was very helpful. Thank you.

  20. Prabha Krishnakumar says

    Gud information

  21. Linda Mary says

    Unga full name enna akka?

  22. Jayanthi manoharan says

    Nursery people use only DAP which is chemical.

  23. Jayanthi manoharan says

    Rain water contains hydrogen peroxide in abundance.. that’s the reason all plants become fresh after the rain.. so do not use in rainy seasons.. it’s advisable to store the rain water directly & use it for preparing home made liquid fertilizers..

  24. Mom's Narration says

    Your presentation is good.

  25. Raghu kumar says

    Being watching ur videos. Really useful information. Your way of explaining is very nice, simple ,clear and easy to understand. God bless

  26. jyothi Jo says

    Arumaiyana pathivu sisy… Thank u for this…

  27. Tony David says

    மண் பூச்சியைய் இது அழிக்குமா?

  28. Jothi Lakshmi says

    Yethum ahgathula sister sry thappa yeduthukathinga chedi kanjita kastama ahgidum la sister athan

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    Idhu punnu cleaner thane

  30. Ramya A says

    Pandhal kambu eppadi tharaiyil nikkudhu?

  31. girija girija says

    Thanks for the new useful tip.

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    நல்ல பதிவு. சங்கு பூச்சி யை இது ஒழிக்குமா

  33. sorna Ramesh says

    Mam 2 weeks ana rose plantuku kodukalama please tell me

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  37. shashi rekha says

    Thank you so much sis. Vazgha vaiyagam

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    மிகவும் முக்கியமான தகவல் அக்கா நன்றி

  39. RG Garden says

    Good morning ma you gave valuable information for us thankyou god bless you and your family

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    Neenga sonna sariya thaan thaan irukum.muhil try panrein

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    Really very useful tips u have told us..let us also try & give our feedback

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    Vanakam maam. Thank you for sharing your tips. Very kind of you. First time i heard about it. Will try soon. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Secret revealed

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    இது எங்கு கிடைக்கும் மேடம்

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    Garden tour

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    Cost of hydrogen peroxide?

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