Sergio Perez To Leave Racing Point after 2020


Sergio Perez has revealed he is leaving Racing Point at the end of this season in a shock announcement released on Wednesday evening.

The Mexican driver said the 2020 season would be his last with the Silverstone-based squad, despite the fact he signed a three-year contract just last year. – Formula 1

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  1. Rukiyati Kuebler says


  2. Rukiyati Kuebler says

    okay from Germany Yati kübler God bless you and iam pray for you Amen ⛅ ☁️ 🌥⛅ ⛅ 😄🤣😍🔥🔥🔥🌏🌐🌎✍🌥☁️⛅❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏👍👍🌍🌐🌎👍👍👍

  3. Robert Emerson says

    Of course Lawrence wouldn't make Lance wear his big girl panties and wean him. Shameful!

  4. Chevy Chaze says

    Hope Perez sues their arse he's got a 3 year contract, Vettel's consistently slower than Checo

  5. M Martinez says

    Just thinking about a driver's line up for 2021, considering Hass got some financial issues, how about Ferrari reach as agreement with Hass to put in Two of their Ferrari academy new drivers for 2021 and providing Kimi do leave at the end of this season, we could see Niko and Perez in the Alfa Romeo, just a crazy thought.

  6. M Martinez says

    I feel sorry for Lance Stroll, if He never manage to shine as in F1 , He will be known as the daddy's boy who was only there because His father owned the team, I hope He can prove me wrong,Buena suerte Checo!!! 👏👏👏👍

  7. Servando Mier says

    Sergio would be a great financial asset for Redbull company, not just F1 team.

  8. Mawile #303 says

    At the very least i have he does end up with Formula E

  9. Richard Harryson says

    I don't need anymore my job thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  10. Pedro Kastellorizios says

    What a joke it should be the other way around but when you are a protected by your father say no more

  11. Cire Stocks says

    You know your stuff man, good call, good coverage! “ will we see it tomorrow… probably” and as u said news from S. Vetttel hours later! I like this move for 2021!

  12. Sean Mather says

    Called it. I hope Perez lands on his feet. He’s been awesome to watch, and it’s too bad nepotism reared it’s head, I much rather would have liked to see Perez and Vettel in British Racing Green.

  13. piolin ochenta says

    Si Sergio Pérez se va a cualquier otra categoría los mexicanos vamos a estar con el, lo que nos importa es verlo correr a donde vaya el, porque así somos los Mexicanos nomás esto solo lo entiende otro Mexicano 🇲🇽🏎️

  14. Eitel Elizondo says

    I hope to see Checo next to Max in the RB

  15. alanfender123 says

    They took his job!

  16. Hurri says

    For those who look now, yes Seb in joining.

  17. Ever Green says

    PER is classy and sharp/savage, if he doesn't get another drive, I'd like to hear him on broadcasts to see what he can do there

  18. Donovan Kotze says

    I think Renault should give Perez Ocon's spot

  19. TheConfidentNoob says

    YES!!! I wanted this to happen and I felt like it was going to happen😄 I'm so glad he's continued with Aston Martin in 2021👌🏻What a joke though to keep Stroll and ditch Perez🙄

  20. Arif Aslam says

    I don't owe anyone anymore thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  21. Kayra Çelik says

    Daddy's cash should just leave , he knows he doesn't deserve the seat

  22. Kevin van den Hoek says

    It would've been a ballsy move if you said 'press dislike if you feel sad for sergio' at the end of the vid

  23. Teo Cortez says

    #CHECOPEREZ You are a Mexican Pride!!

  24. Laurie Cass says

    Crap way to be treated Checko. You deserved better and more respectful treatment. Honesty and integrity have become devalued these days. I wanted the best for Seb but am very disappointed that he participated in you being treated the same way Ferrari treated him. Very disappointed.

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