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  1. Pandaplayz says

    3:52 your welcome

  2. SKK says

    And you’re telling me this is the same JJ that was dunking in his new music video? Ya’ll cappin.

  3. Team_Zero says

    isn't that were they filmed the hide and seek in the big ass boat

  4. REPTILE 92 says

    I'm not American and I feel offended lol

  5. Lch Damian says

    I mean both 2hype and sidemen also has a guy that is bad at their respective sports, but mopi knows how to play football while Vik sucks at both

  6. Ac3 Mango says

    Yalls form is fucked XD

  7. RSContent says

    Who the hell did they take shooting lessons from? Ben Simmons?

  8. Dwight Holmes says

    I wonder who the 4.5k dislikes come from 😂

  9. Aoyun Qi says

    Who else is here bc from simons new video

  10. Ezioking123 says

    2:44 Boyfriend and boyfriend moments 😉

  11. Lucid Aussie says

    I just realised this is the place when they played hide and seek on a cruise ship

  12. Moises Coronado says

    Who else came over from lighter

  13. ZKing Duffy says

    When I watch this now, I get disappointed in jj cuz he played basketball with people at champs sports and he didnt listen to anything they said

  14. Travis Oti says

    Who’s here after ksi hitting that dunk in lighter

  15. JoonNation _ says

    I play basketball and I can confirm after watching this video….I could smoke their asses.

  16. Selmx says

    4.56 vik gets pushed behind back of toby, damn why so rude um.

  17. Chromie Dealer says

    Flight still couldn’t beat them

  18. NoName says

    After ksi new song lighter?

  19. Vitaliy Korosil says

    How does Jj know Chris smoove

  20. Conner Frost says

    This is so hard to watch as an american who regularly plays basketball

  21. XNOOS says

    any one els here from lighter?

  22. Reuben Rodrigues says

    So from here jj learnt how to make a dunk(talking abt this lighter video)

  23. David Idehen says

    Who else came from the Musik video to check if jj really can play basketball

  24. 1NFECT3D. says

    Who Else Wanted Them To Play A Proper Game?

  25. all i do is meme says

    I call out jj to 1v1 first in basketball then in soccer

  26. Love sucking Candy says

    ❣ 🌟 👨‍🚒

  27. Sadness Moomoo says

    How tf does he know Chris Smoove.

  28. Daffy Duck says

    Back at it again with the shot clock cheese

  29. connor palmeri says

    when josh makes a basket it makes me feel like my grandfather got bingo.

  30. dev says

    josh: nothing but net harry: nothing but meth.

  31. ChillShred says

    As an Americs Olympic gold medal basketball winner this hurt

  32. Evan Caron says

    This on hurts so bad to watch

  33. Samuel Sampley says

    Lmao, the thought of British guys playing basketball is ridiculous, but actually seeing it is even worse than I imagined

  34. Brutal _gunner says

    Sooooo their not so good at basketball😂😂😂😂

  35. 6Locc 6A6y says

    4:37 💀💀💀

  36. ObiMSM says

    I always root for tobi

  37. ObiMSM says

    They are soooo bad

  38. Dark Bunny says

    I’m not American and I know your dog shit.

  39. Slushy shifty says

    The way they fucking shoot is all the same shit

  40. Simon Bodjanac says

    How is it possible to be so bad at basketball. The first time I ever touched a basketball I was way better

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