Sim Lab SD43-X Sim Racing Dash – Review


We review the Simlab SD43-X Sim Dash Display probably the most solid sim-racing dash ever made.

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Simlab sent this to GM as a review unit



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  1. Iwen S says

    Ridiculous price policy. One can get an HD 10" TFT display with HDMI output for 35 EUR on ebay. Plug it in, start Simhub, have fun.

  2. Piston Broke says

    WOW!! 350 Euro, when you could just use an old Android phone lol

  3. Carl Gray says

    it kept falling off my G29 .. .

  4. Chris Johnson says

    Guys Miguel Calderon on Facebook makes one of these for 180 5inch

  5. Matt says

    Thats pretty cool looks up price $400 WTF.

  6. Thomas V. says

    Missing your livestream bro! You gonna pick that up again soon?

  7. lespaullongy says

    £349 and no stock. They could sell ice to eskimos!

  8. counterdebate says

    Love the musical entrance 🎶

  9. Izzie says

    This is a terrible video – but GM threatened to drown my puppy if I didn't leave a comment and a like.

  10. Tim L says

    Only supports a fanatec mount? If so, that sucks.

  11. EmployeeOfTheMonth says

    This reminds me I still need to build my p1-x that has been in boxes since black Friday last year. This thing is stupidly expensive.

  12. lucas83 says

    nice portable tv : ) great vid

  13. Macaco Macacão says

    And then you discover VR…

  14. Nitin Gopinathan says

    Clearly for enthusiasts with fat pockets!

  15. Bill Ding says

    I'll stick with my old phone velcro taped to a jenga brick velcro taped to my thrustmaster base tyvm

  16. Jens C says

    Looks nice but can get a VR headset for less than this…

  17. TFI says

    Massive downside to the glorious world of VR sim racing is you basically can't use any of this stuff, you can't even see your DD2 and rim, but unfortunately VR trumps literally all of this all day long! This is awesome but I could never chose this over VR!

  18. random callsign says


  19. Johnny L says

    Might pick one of these up!

  20. Gavin Fremouw says

    Good content

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