1. Nintendo says

    mines doesn’t work

  2. OG says

    My Siri is still showing the old line UI. How do I change it to the new one ☝️

  3. Rohan Adivarekar says

    Here is i solved problem. To get new siri design go to Settings- Accessibility- Siri – Turn off type to siri. 😍

  4. STRIK3S IC3 says

    I still have ios13 Siri even tho I updated to ios14

  5. Renelo Villanueva says

    Why is it that siri Ios 14 did not update my 11 pro max? It is still the same

  6. Valeria Castro Herrera says

    HELPWhat should I do if I already got the IOS14 but Siri still has the old update??

  7. Jin Phan says

    I got ios14 but my siri still same old version…any ideas for fix??

  8. himanshu singh says

    Still not translating in Hindi??…

  9. amol bachhav says

    If you don't have Marathi. then you are failed!!

  10. Paulo Abreu says

    All great, love Siri although would love to use it more. So I ask, does iOS 14 Siri already supports the 6th! biggest language of the planet? Portuguese from PORTUGAL? Thanks

  11. Safwan Khan says

    1:12 i call that foreshadowing

  12. josefsknigge says

    FunFact: 1:12 is an „easter-egg“ to macOS BigSur, which was announced later than iOS

  13. Max Sastrillas says

    Google assistant is much better than siri😒

  14. Tahira Bajrić says

    siri know eniten wow

  15. EDM Slayer says

    Oh cool. They stole an other Jailbreak tweak.

  16. Real Adro says

    I have the new iOS 14 beta 3 but I still cannot get this new Siri feature on my phone since the release of iOS 14… Can anyone give me information on how to get this new Siri please???!!!

  17. jebanko ddd says

    i mean, maybe add siri in polish or smth. I don’t need new Ui i need my mother language in my voice assistant. Apple please..

  18. Anas Satria says

    That animating orb looks like Bixby animation

  19. Maxime Jocelyn Tastevin says

    I got an iPhone X with iOS14 but Siri looks the same it was on iOS13 I don’t understand what as changed ? It’s always fullscreen

  20. Lakshay Kashyap says

    Heyy, can anyone help me. I’m on iOS 14 beta 2 but Siri is still taking full screen ! Any suggestions would be helpful.

  21. S B says

    Ok google

  22. zebonaut smith says

    surprised to see Apple is using Bing for image searches from siri

  23. ramon plutarque says


  24. MobileDecay says

    Btw Siri is still full screen. You can just see your apps in ios 14. Can't interact with anything so it's the same. Just looks different.

  25. MobileDecay says

    "as much as Siri's advanced" 😂😂😂 Yeah right!!! That's a good one!!!

  26. The crusade In 1234 says

    Me on ios 12Why are we still here just to suffer

  27. Don James says

    I’m on the beta but it STILL TAKES UP MY FULL SCREEN

  28. NinjaKox says

    I have iOS 14

  29. Al Fayed Tarafder says

    I have iPhone XS and I updated iOS 14 but Siri didn't change anything 😭😭😭

  30. Yus Ri says

    Hey Petga😂

  31. Chi Balilo says


  32. Nurali Medew says

    The orb is too big lol

  33. Mad Monk says

    Yael looks like something out of Black Mirror.

  34. Andrew Kamen says

    So basically still useless. Got it.

  35. Vivek 2020 says

    How to make? the siri hover over the screen.

  36. Mark j Briscoe says

    Yeah Siri is amazing in iOS 14 Now in iOS 891012 and 13

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