Siri in iOS 14 vs The New Google Assistant – On Pixel 4 XL & iPhone 11 Pro Max (2020 Refresh)


With iOS 14 Apple enhanced Siri by adding the ability to send voice messages, the new compact design that can allow Siri to refer to information on the screen, ability to answer more complicated questions and more.

Last year Google also updated it’s assistant with the new compact design, ability to ask back to back questions, fast responses and more.

So, It’s about time to put both assistants into action to see if Siri in OS 14 can surpass Google assistant or Google assistant still the king.

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***Time Codes***

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Comparison Highlights
1:45 – 1st Category: On screen content recognition
5:06 – 1st category summary
5:26 – 2nd Category: Which assistant is smarter?
11:55 – 2nd category summary
12:27 – 3rd Category: Which assistant is more interactive?
13:17 – 3rd category summary
13:36 – Outro
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  1. Shylesh says

    Madan gowri fan

  2. Xx WA7SH xX says

    Siri is the best!

  3. พี่สําลี มาเองเลย says

    Google assistant she's so smart

  4. Peter Wan says

    siri from apple is not stupid, they are just setting too many limitation and border which caused siri to not be able to access the data like google assitant can. in fact, they actually coded siri again just because they found out that third party software can access data from siri becuse of some bug.

  5. GG Espichan says

    Completely unrelated, I would die at 42•c, I can barely live through 25 here in the uk

  6. Captain Skash says


  7. Somil Gupta says

    Siri destroyed

  8. HRAVEC says

    Many points are dumb, why would you want a assistant to do sonething you are already kinda doing

  9. Tan Tan says

    Google assistant and siri are NICE. But GOOGLE ASSISTANT HAD A BEST LEARNING MACHINE.

  10. Damian Binham says

    One of the most in depth comparison I've ever seen, Thx for the good/detailed video

  11. Henke Dahlén says

    Please just fix the stereo sound. You can't have it playing Siri in the left ear and Google in both, when Siri is on the right side and Google on the left side.

  12. AaA Channel says

    اه انت عربي في احد مقاطعك قلت sand to ahmad nageوالله قناتك حلوة I like your channel

  13. Alex Rose says

    It is very simple, Siri sucks google amazing.

  14. DJAnimates says

    i might switch to google…………

  15. Ikh san says

    Did Google Assistant can be activated when the screen is off by using voice command?

  16. opponent 116 says

    Well google assistant is from google so it could definitely use google better than iPhone

  17. Farhat Muhmmed says

    Why every time Ahmed Nagy, I'm here ya Emad 🤣🤣

  18. Roland Françis says

    I love how he didn't say "Ok Google" or "Hey Siri" 😉

  19. M J says

    Record the meeting, spells out COVID then corrects it for record?? 7m21s 😆

  20. Alex Rios says

    As an Apple user I’m honestly jealous of how well the google assistant works in comparison to Siri. How is Apple not in the ball with this?

  21. Ak says

    I would like a Google Assistant for windows!

  22. Real Adro says

    I have iOS 14 installed on my and I noticed everyone has the new siri animation but I don’t. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get this new Siri animation on my phone which currently running iOS 14 beta 3????

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