That's A Foul | Love and Basketball Part 3 | Dr. Dharius Daniels


Disrespect is dishonor—that’s just one relational foul Pastor Dharius Daniels introduces in week three of the Love & Basketball series. In the message, ‘That’s a Foul’, we learn five ways, that if adopted, these behaviors could potentially put your relationship at risk. Are you willing to risk your relationship over a foul?

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  1. Jene says

    This spoke to me very deeply because this is something I've been enduring for 12 years of marriage, his dismissiveness, deception, every category you named I've experienced heartbreak. I feel so discouraged,defeated and alone. I got married at 22 and I am now 34 I don't know what it feels like to be in a happy Christ like marriage and the most heartbreaking thing is our 4 kids who sees it all😔💔 please pray for me

  2. M Brown says

    This is truly a message from the Lord

  3. Paula Dawson says

    Whoever you with their character is your blessing or your crisis WOW Wow. Real talk Pastor

  4. Encouraging Hearts with Tiffany Danielle says

    This was amazing!!!! Thank you

  5. farah parker says

    Ur word is always so on point! May the blood of Jesus always cover you & your family.🙏🏽♥️

  6. Ellenell says

    Disengagement: it's alright to date multiple guys.

  7. Tiarra Lewis says

    Preach pastor preach

  8. Ana De Lemos says

    Preach Pastor… 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 it is so important in every season of our lives…

  9. Lekeshia Cody says


  10. Yvette Johnson says

    Wow this sermon is so on point. I’m being fouled and I’m fouling. This is truth

  11. Monique Latresse says

    This word was much needed.

  12. Stephy Eats says

    Pastor D this sermon stepped on all my toes !!! Thanks for the RAW word! It’s an OUCH sermon but grateful for the light you are shedding to so many of us doing it wrong! Today is the day for change so we can love better ❤️ thank you so much !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #fuego

  13. Jude Samuel Mérat says


  14. Grisell Nunez says

    Oh wow…. this one…. !! I screamed, cried…. everything!~

  15. Kim McGee says

    Preach, today!!

  16. Kim McGee says


  17. Kim McGee says

    Wooooooo, Preach!!!!!!

  18. Kim McGee says

    Love listens! It does not dismiss, or disregard! Preach, today, parent not spouse!!

  19. Kim McGee says

    So true on the news, and disengaging! Teach me, Lord!

  20. Kim McGee says

    Teach me Holy Spirit!!

  21. Kim McGee says

    This is SO good!

  22. Erica Stewart says

    You preaching yo face offffff! Can’t wait for the next!!!! Please keep going!!!

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