The Crown's Costume Designer Breaks Down the Fashion of Season 2 | Vanity Fair


On this episode of “Notes on a Scene,” Jane Petrie, the costume designer of The Crown’s second season, breaks down the fashion of the scene where Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip meet President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy. The Crown Season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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The Crown’s Costume Designer Breaks Down the Fashion of Season 2 | Vanity Fair

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  1. tahuaroa says

    FR… this is my fave episode of season 2

  2. Liana Cee Hardy says

    Costumes in the tv show is incredible! The designer and the team have done a great job

  3. Sharmin Jhuma says

    i think Prince Phillip like Kennedeys wife

  4. O V H says

    The scene was horrible in every sense. Jackie would never wear a satin stole in doors. A stole would only be worn if she was cold.
    To put jackie in her signature flip when in reality she wore an updo is insulting. It implies jackie doesn't know proper evening styles.

    Jackie would NEVER step in front of her husband and introduce herself to the queen. They were both very well versed in etiquette. The show portrays them as country bumpkins not even knowing how to address the queen.

    This entire clip is insulting to anyone with the slightest bit of education. It might as well be a cartoon.

  5. Korina says

    God I love Scottish accents.

  6. Vicky 12 says

    To be perfectly honest, the costume of Jackie's character (as interpreted on the Crown) is of course much more fashionable for the 60s era in contrast to Elizabeth's elaborate bejeweled ensemble. But personally, I think Jackie Kennedy's satin coulmn dress didn't flatter her shape as well as Queen Elizabeth her waisted tulle dress. Especially in combination with the huge white stole, Jackie kinda disappears under her satin layers. The cut of Elizabeth's dress may have been a bit out-fashioned at the time, but it sure suits her, she wears it. Eitherway, both blue tones suited the wearer perfectly. Real-life Jackie too had so much natural glamour, that decent pastel tones looked best on her, whereas a more "English country girl" – like type such as young Elizabeth (country in terms of modest, not blimpish) always looked best in deep, bold colors.

  7. Carl Trotter says

    "Phillip's always spotless and immaculately dressed." If you ignore his dress code-breaking notched lapels then yes.

  8. Karenina Carado says

    We need to see a costume design breakdown in full with season 3!!

  9. phepheflowertot 1 says

    I wonder why they got rid of Michelle Clapton

  10. Heoni Shei says

    They should have kept her for season 3

  11. JoanneLG1960 says

    All the Hartnell designs are just so horrible & dowdy

  12. Peter Jonas says

    I know settings like this are pomp and circumstance to the max, but surely with the hosts and guests being of equal social standing, the formalities and protocols can be excused a bit in the name of promoting hospitable interaction….

  13. kd gc says

    The Queen's blue dress looks like a lampshade or a can-can skirt. It does nothing to enhance her natural beauty and stunning figure. Norman Hartnell was perfect for the Queen Mother. Queen Elizabeth deserved a designer who understood her. .

  14. Abi Alston says

    this is absolutely amazing

  15. Daniel Williams says

    She doesn’t mention it, but I’m certain she was a part of the decision: when the Queen originally sees the Hartnell dress it is strapless, but when we see it on her broad straps have been added. So she took a conservative dress and had it made more conservative. I thought that was a great little detail.

  16. wouldn't you like to know says

    I know almost nothing about protocol but that felt really bad 😣

  17. Jen Connelly says

    Her voice is so soothing. This is ASMRish

  18. THE DARK CANDY says

    don't miss the NEW episodes of our docu-series MEET THE HOLLYWOOD COSTUME DESIGNERS:

  19. Hilda Elson says

    Jackie’s dress very much reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s pink dress by Givenchy in ‘Funny Face.’

  20. Jordan Beaulieu says

    Jane Petrie sounds Scottish!

  21. Ruth Goh says

    She doesn't explain things well, just says its very 50's or 60's, but no knowledge of the technicalities and fashion. Boo

  22. Jazzanie Trujillo says


  23. Chica Líz says

    I feel like i’ll never look at another episode the same way.

  24. Sandy G. says

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    I’m absolutely fascinated by everything that goes into making The Crown.
    The historical accuracy in some cases and in others more freedom to hint at it.
    I love the insider insight as well!

  25. Benny Boi Draws says

    The scene discussed here was probably one of my favorites in the entire show

  26. HeartforSale says

    This is interesting but these arbitrary semantic things do demonstrate the corruption and evil of the fashion world. At the top end is the elite wealth and at the bottom are the consumers who try to purchase such unattainable class, by buying slave made clothes, or perfumes that kill you, or make up tested on animals, or bags that burned one thousand forests to be sold. Vogue makes women feel bad about themselves so that they try to buy a beauty they can never obtain. And the planet, the animals, and the customers suffer because posh people can’t stop sitting in rooms together clapping at beautiful people walking around in ridiculous outfits.


    I love her style.

  28. Adam Knight says

    What a wonderful insight. Thank you Jane.

  29. Sophia Roldan-Soto says

    I L O V E

  30. Phillip Presswood says

    Amazing! !!

  31. Markus Mulder says

    The costumes were stunning but there was just one tragic detail I noticed. They used invisible zippers which did not exist at the time 😱😱😱😱! How that happened is beyond my comprehension ☹️

  32. fruitoson says

    your grace

  33. 🍯 blood honey says

    Ohh, I've never seen the series. But I love location spotting. Marlborough House and Leighton House so far.

  34. geoffrey morelos says

    I need a part 2

  35. Michala McCullough says

    Forever wishing for actual Captions so we can be inclusive of all people!

  36. Jamakaya1 says

    Stunning costuming and production design throughout.

  37. Ms. R says

    I love this series.

  38. Ms. R says

    I love this series.

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