The Day Lionel Messi Destroyed Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu


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Lionel Messi’s wonderful El Clasico performance against Real Madrid back in 2017 in high definition and with english commentary.

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  1. Fake manni says

    Fuck you marcelo

  2. Syifa CHANNEL says

    Ramos bad full

  3. Lucas Fonseca says

    Casemiro should had been sent off twice, with a good referee

  4. Shug ! says

    Casimiro should have had a red card early in the game!

  5. ツFawkes says

    Real madrid has the foulest defenders. They're good but foul a lot (marcelo, carvajal, pepe, sergio, casemiro…)

  6. Umar inam Asghar says

    No one has the guts to stop this little man even Sergio ramos

  7. Aditya Pandey says

    Ronaldo:- I'm the principal of the schoolMessi:- I'm the school ❤️❤️

  8. ceyho aslo says

    hate real madrid

  9. Douwe Egbert says

    Casemiro one of dirtiest sneaky players out there …

  10. Vibhushit Navani says

    Marcello hits leo with his elbow Messi – "So you have chosen defeat"

  11. Arsalan says

    Messi and Ronaldo are both great players with different great styles. People should stop comparing both theres no benefit in that.

  12. SYNNEDEMIAN says

    Just take a look at this man at 8:54, on the crowd, trying to call Messi for a fight… how pathetic could it be?

  13. Alex8581364 says

    The only way to stop Messi isssss: HIT HIM…….

  14. Máté Havasi says

    Casemiro and marcelo are the two most disgusting pieces of shit Brazil has ever produced. Glad to see them in agony in the end, they deserve it

  15. Máté Havasi says

    Real Madrid tactics for every el classico: injure Messi at all costs. What a bunch of foul losers!

  16. - says

    I lost count of how many intentional fouls Real Madrid did in this match; I'm just glad that they lost.

  17. Abinash Brahma says

    2.08 this moment Real Madrid knew they fucked up

  18. Taalai says

    страшный сон Каземиро

  19. Taha Yaseen says

    10:23 Why Some Peoply Came For

  20. Temp Step says

    I'm surprised that SergicAL RamHead is still playing football. He should have been banned ages ago.

  21. Naorem Ricky says

    Fun facts: where is ronaldo???

  22. cool bron says

    Messi’s purple eye has to do with something else and it’s not pretty 😬

  23. Jake T says

    That wink Messi gives the ref at the end while getting booked!!! Priceless sass from the Goat

  24. Srilankan says

    ronaldo is the best

  25. Antonio Vielman says

    Marcelo even looks at the sideline ref because he knew what he did. no class.

  26. King. Conor2k says

    Then it is so funny the way yall got karma when Ronaldo took victory back

  27. Hussain Mehdi says

    Messi is the father of football

  28. Valeri Penchev says

    Kazemiro deserved 5 yellow cards in this match. This is the way 90 % of Spanish referrers support Real. Not just give them easy penalties but do not sanction the fouls against Real opponents. Disgrace.

  29. Yuval Zuker says

    So boring. This days football is all pussies who only know how to run fast dive and cry like babies for referees who protect their precious legs. No skills what so ever. Messi the greatest overrated player in the world. Even in million years he will not play like Mardona and that is his own quote. He understands something about football..

  30. Deborah Luck says

    MESSI IS DIOS⚽️❤️⭐️

  31. Mushi Ahmed says

    Oops thn wht do u think about the nxt match where CR 7 shows his class 😂 1:3. I hope u understand 😅🙏 who iz the real legend😁

  32. Albrwary says

    11:30 Gad with you always.

  33. Eric Colacino says

    He absolutely destroyed Casemiro.

  34. zTheRex says


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