1. Isaac Nalls says

    juicy john = come on less gooo

  2. Brett Wohlford says

    Is trading away my valk “450,000” for Brandin cooks “900,000” worth it

  3. Al N Josi says

    You played my brother marcusspeed4

  4. Joshua Hamilton says

    this is how many times he said what in the KFC!

  5. le monke says

    Slide me Ross

  6. HackerTV says

    the way this guy talks is weird


    Stop complaing and blaming other players when your the one thats making all the mistakes

  8. mang min lian says


  9. MASK BROS says

    Brandin cooks jumps higher then ross

  10. Annette Walker says

    Ayeeee i got cooks anyone wanna trade for ross

  11. Hathor Mason says

    i have a hero thats slower than marquise good win emmaunel sanders (idk how to spell his nname)

  12. Hathor Mason says

    ye jahs is right

  13. Nikol Kaczmarczyk says

    what he mean hurdle?

  14. Rickey Edwards says

    Tyreek hill is fast then John ross

  15. Rickey Edwards says

    John ross jump is a 0.94 and tyreek hill jump is a 1.04

  16. Biraj Shahi says

    Ngl I think this was the day roblox shut down or something

  17. Magic - roblox says

    This video is sponsored by KFC Wi-Fi KFC coming in

  18. Jonathan Mar says

    The amount of times he said dang it and bro

  19. Hi Lol says

    Marcus has John Ross :/

  20. ATH XxClarxx221 says

    Ledgendary Jukes With John Ross

    KFC Wifi R.I.P

  21. Wolfyraps985 Ok says

    Tyreek hill my time has come

  22. FaZeyah YT says

    The noto for me says ….7 seconds… AND IT HAS 4000 VEIWS

  23. troy god says

    Juicy and u a vip server with ur team small and the other team is big

  24. CALUM HURWITZ says


  25. the ultimate raider fan says

    Can u get Derek Carr for a game play

  26. MoreLikeMo says

    3:02 “what the fudge is this, bro?” Juicy John 2020 – ????

  27. theiiiguana says

    His ping was at 2500

    you do not want to see mine…

    Fine 5800

  28. Football LegendHD says

    Rip John's KFC WiFi 2019-2020
    His wifi has died of CORONAVIRUS

  29. Speekal says

    ngl ur wifi makes u lag a lot lol

  30. Tobey Frogs says

    John using shift lock makes your character not spread if your rushing, if you don't use shift lock on Line Backer u can touch the qb way farther away from where you would regularly touch them

  31. Immanuel Vicente says

    The amount of likes is the number of times juicy John’s voice cracks

  32. Clorox says

    He curse?

  33. Fisher Brooks says


  34. Jalontae Wiley says

    Juicy add me my name is jamarcusedab

  35. Matt Riley says

    You alsome

  36. Landon Gerwels says

    Sorry John if I haven't been commenting a lot anymore, I have been in a coma for 6 months. And my life is a bit harder than it should be. Keep up the good work, Lace Up!

  37. DkIsAlsoDamian 69 says

    You coulda restarted your router or call the company and complain bout the wifi and maybe they could work sum out orrrrrr spend some money and upgrade the wifi 😂 it could work tho and btw hit me up if you want another ross vid

  38. ToonHorror says

    anyone got a extra ult?

  39. ToonHorror says

    juicy John got a extra ult?

  40. Fay Curry says

    Did anyone else see the person calling juicy a fp and bad and honestly I bet juicy is better than whoever said that cause honestly hating on people who where inoccent isnt cool or shouldn't be tolerated this world needs a change

  41. CRLOZWZHR or not says

    Imagine not lagging every play

  42. Tenzin says

    * He actually got John Ross!*

  43. Txmplxz says

    if u don’t have kfc ur garbage

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