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The Healthy Truth with Dr. Andy Kaufman ( During this time where we’re all being tested on every level, I wanted to know how to prepare myself and you boos on what we can physically do to keep our bodies strong. In my search for answers, I learned more than I had ever hoped for and am confident in my body which I have cared for and will continue to care for by taking accountability.  I have also been mistreating it through sheer ignorance and I want to turn that around and be as self sufficient as possible and through knowledge.

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I understand this isn’t for everyone yet, but if you’re ready here’s more information: 


Dr. Andy Kaufman Channel

Dr. Andy Kaufman on Vaccines

Causes of illness (we only touched on 1):
– malnutrition
– toxic exposure, including electromagnetic radiation
– parasites
– psychological shock
– rare genetic anomalies, usually related to above

How to boost and build your body’s health:
– eat whole foods where you can see the actual food and avoid processed foods
– eat alkaline foods (ie kale, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes)
– make sure you get vitamin c (anti-oxidants)
– go outdoors (sun exposure allows vitamin D to process)
– increase physical activity
– neti pot (used for flushing the nasal passage): 
– table top distiller: 

Koch’s postulates are as follows:
* The bacteria must be present in every case of the disease.
* The bacteria must be isolated from the host with the disease and grown in pure culture.
* The specific disease must be reproduced when a pure culture of the bacteria is inoculated into a healthy susceptible host.
* The bacteria must be recoverable from the experimentally infected host.


A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology:

Dismantling the Virus Theory:

Dr Stefan Lanka – Pandemic

Documentary, The Biggest Little Farm

Court hearing on Vaccinations with Posey and Mark Zuckerberg


What Really Makes you Ill

The Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan

Inventing the AIDS Virus by Duesberg, Peter H.

Confessions of Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn

“Mucus is the cause of every disease. Eliminate the mucus and eliminate the disease”- Dr. Sebi 




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  1. Rock Chick Supremeo says

    If you havent already dont have kids

  2. Granny Flo says

    STOP INTERUPTING WHEN SOMEONE IS GIVING INFO!! Rude and we miss out on the full answer. If you must talk constantly, don't have guests.

  3. Kevin Kanter says

    … not sure about 'reaffirming' or 'triggering' – i watched the video. not 'empowering' — no Truth – this is poor virology science from a psychiatrist

  4. Volker says

    Excellent interview. Thank you!

  5. Kerri Lalane says

    Moringa cracked cell wall chlorella and aloe vera keep it healthy folks

  6. Whitney Greyton says

    NO YOU DID NOT QUOTE FUCKING DR. SEBI??!?!?!? You are so irresponsible.

  7. Whitney Greyton says

    Maya, you are incredibly irresponsible, I am so disappointed in you as someone whose followed you for years. Casting doubt on the efficacy of masks and social distancing when hundreds and thousands of people have died WORLDWIDE. Fuck both your thoughts on how this affects corona, you both are incredibly privileged and egregious at that for encouraging folks to dismiss what's been put in place to try and protect people WHO DON'T HAVE THE LUXURY LIFE YOU BOTH LIVE TO JUST CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE RULES. There isn't even a vaccine here and people are dying so what's the fucking argument for "something's up"??? NOT YOU being an Anti-Vaxxer. Deeply disappointed. Unsubscribing.

  8. Jonathan Molina says

    The search for truth always leads to Christ

  9. sweetjalight says

    this is so good

  10. Amber Mcclure says

    I don't like the term leaky gut but it's a thing lol

  11. Healing Magic says

    Interesting info

  12. Sandy Scott says

    Inflammation in the human body is the engine driving all disease….heart disease, auto immune diseases , lung disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, CANCER and Alzheimer’s/ dementia.Having inflammatory animal DNA /RNA , human fetal cells included in the development, production and present in all vaccines as well as the common adjuvants like mercury , aluminum, formaldehyde injected directly into your body bypassing your immune system in your gastrointestinal tract will all drive inflammation and create disease .

  13. Nicole McCauley says

    Very good video. Very informative and it make you think and research. It definitely changes your perspective and understanding. We must relearn everything.

  14. Rhonda Jones says

    Have you seen this? Must watch. Houston doctor outing Fauci and fake science. Says we have a cure.

  15. Jenny Kristen says

    Dr. kwaloe on you tube truly got the permanent cure for genital herpes virus

  16. Jason Rivera says

    I'm sorry I don't think people are smart even to come to the correct conclusion they will interpret there research with there own bias

  17. Alexandria Miller says

    I’m all for critical thinking, but the portion on the coronavirus is highly annoying. I personally have more than a handful of friends that were effected by this virus, and they are healthy able bodied humans. I completely agree about some of the other view points like unnecessary drugs pushed by pharmaceutical companies. Any who we have to be careful to make everything a conspiracy. The truth is we just don’t know, and both sides aren’t proven.

  18. Leah CD says

    MAYA thank you for this video!!!!!! So happy you're using your platform to bring awareness to this !!!! ❤

  19. M J says

    You don't rely on one source of evidence to make your conclusions! And you shouldnt rely on one doctor's opinion on a controversial topic! Especially when their area of expertise is in PSYCHIATRY!! What your promoting now is psuedoscience. We've already have an overwhelming amount of antivaxers out there putting their kids and others in the community at risk. It's irresponsible of you, as an influencer, to embolden them even more. I'm sure you won't care if I've lost respect for you but Jesus, be responsible!

  20. EmileBea1 says

    you can not reverse type I diabetes!

  21. Marie H says

    Oh man. I was starting to like your channel. But anti vaccine? And you call this "research"? GurlAnd the "doctor" here says "Do your research, don't just listen to people" but wants people to just listen to his "wisdom" looool Unfollow

  22. Time Style says

    Thank you for this video QUEEN! Alotta great information was shared. We commend you for stepping out on a ledge and putting this up on your channel because that is a huge risk in itself. As we all know, most people who aren't pushing the same narrative as the mainstream media, are seen as conspiracy theorists or just flat out CRAZY. In these times more than ever we need people like you and Dr. Kaufman who are seeking honest answers. So once again THANK YOU so much for being brave and standing up for the TRUTH!!!

  23. Christina says

    Maya! Thank you so much for this video!!! Very insightful

  24. Alyssa Crispin says

    This is insane and dangerous…

  25. Güera's World says

    In the beginning she said she went to a wedding and came home with a sick feeling in her throat but later in the video she says she went to a wedding and didn’t get sick 🤔 coincidence or contradictory?

  26. Coretta JG says

    Smh. This is presented irresponsibly.

  27. john choo says

    October 1 1988 bill was passed that vaccine manufacturers will not be liable for death or damages caused by their vaccine. This mean no Yelp reviews, no google reviews, no thing at all if you happen to die from a said vaccine. I don't understand then why Vaccine was ever a mandatory. You can't put any vaccine manufacturer on a scale or standard because by law they are exempt from any responsibility. My kids are vaccinated however only recently i discover this law which has been there since 1988. My question is why this law was ever passed, why it was never questioned or challenged. When you buy anything from amazon they have you do review, uber reviews, restaurant service review, hotel service review, yet the most important thing you directly putting in your body not even a little sweat. This law should be illegal changed before any mandatory vaccine at all. Please share this. I don't mind your vaccine but change this immoral law and i'll take your vaccine. I am not a gambler but the change of you dying or damaging from any vaccine is 50/50. How can you look in your child eyes and say, well it's possible you may die or be damaged for the rest of your life but i have to give it.

  28. Janii T says

    Sending you love Maya ✨💕

  29. Pwease Thanx says

    hello! what hosting [server?] protects freedom of speech? I dont see where that is linked. Thank you

  30. Lala Artsy says

    You have to be really brave to post a video like this. So many people will hear this and automatically dismiss it as they’ve been lead to believe a narrative their whole life. Thank you so much for posting this knowing that you will receive backlash. Although many may disagree, you will get through to some people with this video.

  31. Phillip lee assang says

    Link your knowledge with that of the scriptures of the holy bible.

  32. Paul Gutterworth says

  33. Tariro says

    Time to unfollow

  34. Break Free says

    Wow Maya this is so thorough. Thanks so much. This is much needed information. I realize what you mean about receiving push back when trying to share this information with other. In our search for truth understanding the valid scientific process to obtain truth is valuable. Love, love, love this video

  35. All Things Pretty says

    Thank you for this video. A lot of people want us to follow one narrative which is the media. The media is leading us astray.

  36. Off the Grid Free Housing says

    The poor will parish. Sad. The average black family has $5 in savings… and didn't get any stimulus money. You are talking about millions of people. Learn how to live for free!

  37. PolyglotteMD says

    Anyone who truly takes the time to understand the human body and the way it works will understand each and every component of a vaccine and it’s use. Creating conspiracy theories may make you feel like you are in control but it will be to your detriment. Educate yourself, use multiple sources. It’s not bad to be skeptical but you can’t rely on a lifestyle YouTuber cherry picking someone who happens to think like her to information you. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and choose reliable sources please.

  38. Ann Betsa says

    Maya, vitamin C helps with collagen synthesis. Here’s an article. are other plants or plant based micronutrients that help with collagen synthesis in the body as well. So don’t worry. Being plant based is not a lost cause. There is an answer to it all. One of the main reasons a lot of vegetarians or vegans have those deficiencies is because we don’t eat plants. We eat processed plant meats. That won’t help. So yes. Nature is wonderful 🙂

  39. Winteel says

    No wheat No corn No Vaccines No Meat No Sugar No Gluten (whatever that is) Grow your own fruits and veggies to avoid chemical toxins, Beans (soaked) Drink plenty of water (alkaline). Detox occasionally. I guess ( not very exciting). it's good for your health.

  40. Raven Rose says

    Thank you for sharing this!

  41. Kitty X says

    I tried too access the VAERS website, but it seems blocked somehow. I tried from two different computers. Someone who knows what's going on?

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