1. George Washington says

    First IBM computer was produced by Belgrade University, led by Serbian scientist Mihailo Pupin and his team.

  2. Daniel Dieni says

    3:47 garry kasparov beat deep blue in 1996, for 1 whole year IBM worked on deep blue, improving it. in 1997 with a rematch kasparov lost and claimed the computer was cheating xD kasparov is one of the greatest chess world champions of all time in his peak.

  3. Jerry Dean Rice II Prototypes for press desk review says

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  4. libbie7777 says

    Didnt IBM help hitler

  5. Jerry Dean Rice II Prototypes for press desk review says

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  6. Yo Kuiee says

    First deciphered coded messages from the Nazi regime. Econ

  7. Piper Pruiksma says

    IBM also designed the Holocaust

  8. Saskia van Houtert says

    Thanks for showing this documentary, like to hear more from IBM, kind regards.

  9. Edward Horwinski says

    Cool history

  10. allen reyes says


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  12. Jimmy Perez Lopez says

    Me gusta.

  13. Ale ben says

    WROOONNGG the first personal computer was Italian PROGRAMMA 101 by Olivetti in 1965.

  14. allen reyes says

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  15. Person Man Man says

    10k per megabyteWhat a deal

  16. Leonel Herrera says

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  17. Declan C-D says

    Lol what's an IBM, sounds like some ancient thing that the Egyptians used

  18. allen reyes says


  19. CHRIS ANDRES says

    Thanks for the demo!

  20. allen reyes says

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  21. allen reyes says

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  25. Alan Whelan says

    Watson = Skynet 😬

  26. allen reyes says

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