The Most UNDERRATED Batman Game Ever


Batman Arkham Origins is often overlooked as the “non-Rocksteady” Batman Arkham game. We thought it was a good time to revisit it.
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  1. talla ajao says

    Just realising I have this on ps3 will definitely try it again 💯❤️

  2. MrRiggyRiggs says

    Batman games suck.. way too clunky.

  3. Jimmy Neutron says

    It was good! Wish it was on PS4/PS5

  4. pistachiosan says

    I remember Origins being a glitchy mess with awful pacing (you find the combo boost really late in the game) and severe balance issues. The story made little sense, and the boss battles weren't varied enough. The additions to combat could have been great if implemented better, but it was unenjoyable for me as a fan who's played all the Arkham games.

  5. Matt Meure says

    I thought origins was very good, but I enjoy the big dlc cold cold heart, they could have made it abit longer and with the main game flushed out more characters

  6. Andrew Rios says

    Funny I clicked on this cuz Arkham Origins was my favorite hands down 💯💯

  7. Jerry Clements says

    This was the best one

  8. itypar says

    One of my favorite batman games. Just sucks we have to use the disc to play it on back compat on Xbox.

  9. Nick says

    Everyone laughed at me when I said this game was dope af when it came out.

  10. Mr. Bastos says

    I always meant to go back to this one. I thought it was ok, just too buggy. I fell out of world twice pretty quickly. One was just climbing a ledge, and I ended up out of bounds and fell. I figured I'd wait until more patches, but never went back

  11. harlemdeni says

    Arkham Origins is AMAZING. Nuff said.

  12. Yunior Gamboa says

    I loved this game
    I did get why the hate
    What I love most about this game are the cutscenes😁

  13. Moca says

    What…? I didn't know this is an underrated game.Its my favorite one actually,also this game has great DLCs.The last Batman was cool but man i hated the batmobil so so much.

  14. Y Me says

    Origins deserved to be forgotten. Good cgi trailers. Sh*t game.

    Btw…. platinumed all games except Origins (even remastered versions). So…. bite me. I can have my opinion internet.

  15. Yy U says

    Best Batman game in my opinion

  16. noah ray says

    The challenges made no sense


    Batman: Arkham Origins was a fantastic game even if it wasn’t made by Rocksteady, the dlc was some of the best I’ve ever seen in an Arkham game. The problem was the bugs the game had that remained largely unaddressed.

  18. Jeff C says

    You didn’t touch the broken gauntlets?

  19. Jack Michael Carr says

    the electrocutioner boss vs the mr freeze boss sums up the differences to me
    though I think Arkam Knight sucks because of the story

  20. Sbren Sbeve says

    Arkham origins was my first arkham. Awesome game!

  21. Wimbish Westy says

    I always thought that the Batman Telltale games were underrated

  22. Guitarskooter says

    I loved the Christmas atmosphere of this game. I think my only big issue with it was I thought that the bad guy lineup sucked.

  23. adrian jacox says

    I wish they would remake this one too

  24. epos499 says

    This was never underrated in my eyes. One of my favourite games. The deathstroke boss fight was one of the best ever.

  25. Misha Gameek G says

    This is actually my favorite Arkham game. I'm still rocking the PS3 theme.

  26. TJunreal321 says

    I actually loved this game better than the first two. And what you neglected to mention was the unique multiplayer that was actually pretty dope

  27. Franci Valiosi says

    I played all Batman games but this one was my favorite.

  28. Conrado Ramos says

    Got this game on release day and i LOVED IT!!! It had way better boss fights than Arkham Knight. I digged the online gameplay even though it was pretty much bland but the concept was great. Beating this game on I am the Night mode was every memorable, even if i screwed up and had to restart i didn't mind lol.

  29. N C says

    don't know but I don't like any of the the batman arkham games, feel'em boring as hell

  30. M. Chedderbeef says

    I enjoyed the story, and I do have a lot of love for this game, but man does this game not line up well with Arkham Asylum and City. Way too many continuity errors.

  31. Adrian Jacobs says

    Mine had a bug and I couldn't play it 😤

  32. Overnight Avenger says

    Anyone who didn’t like this game .. well let’s just say idk what to say

  33. jg pliskin says

    I don't see why we should revisit a game 2 generations back that wasn't recieved well and has plenty of other great entries in the series that arent it

  34. Jesus Nieves says

    I hope they can make this for PS5

  35. jg pliskin says

    The fuck made you think about this game all of a sudden? I just beat arkham knight thinking the story was a little lack luster so I popped in arkham origins. Origins was so glitchy, bland aesthetically and clunky in comparison that I immediately when back to knight.

  36. Raine Phoenix says

    Arkham Origins is by far the most cinematic of the franchise in my opinion. The lighting, the staging, the dialog, the pacing and timing of the cutscenes and boss fights have such a visual flare. It also handles Batman's relationships (as with the Joker, Gordon, Mr. Freeze in the Cold, Cold Heart DLC and especially Alfred) brilliantly and truly develops him as a character, which, admittedly wasn't necessary in other installments. Lastly, it gets you out of the city and lets you explore the Batcave and Wayne Manor, which is always appreciated. I truly love this game and wish it had been included in the Return to Arkham collection. It truly deserves far more love than it's received.

  37. King Huss says

    It was my favorite 😎

  38. Michael Kelsey says

    Mark Hamill is the one true joker

  39. I remember staying up to get that Injustice suit.

  40. lilgeorge21 says

    This whole time I never realized the Arkham game I always get nostalgia of is origins

  41. What a Wall says

    I really like Arkham Origins as it dives pretty deep into characters. Sadly I feel like not enough people talk about it. I am glad you guys made this video.

  42. Graeme Thomas says

    The Mister Freeze story dlc was pretty good to. I think it actually complimented the Freeze side mission in Arkham Knight and made it more satisfying to see play out.

  43. Anirban Sanfui says

    The end credit showed the clear upcoming suicide squad teaser when deathstroke was asked to join the suicide squad

  44. declan mckeown says

    quality game

  45. Lee Xiao Loong says

    This is the only one I haven't played and I don't know why

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