The Only Ethiopian Food Truck in NYC – Street Food Icons


Eden Gebre Egziabher owns and operates Makina Cafe, the first and only Eritrean and Ethiopian food truck in New York City. Driven by her passion for the foods she ate as a child growing up in Addis Ababa, Eden serves Eritrean and Ethiopian staples like injera bread, chicken and beef tibs, misir (spicy red lentils), tikel gomen (cabbage with carrots and potatoes), gomen (collard greens), and sambusas, which are similar to samosas. Eden, born and raised in Ethiopia from parents of Eritrean descent, aims to use Makina Cafe to celebrate her two countries of origin and their cuisines.

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  1. luis lopez says

    I'm so excited to move back , I know things are rough but we'll over come

  2. Shinobi905 says

    This food all looks like puke. Just pure slop.

  3. Mike Maclean says

    You should go see your old friends

  4. Adrianne Spring says

    Ooohhhhh goddamn would love if she was in Canada too!!! Vancouver. 🤤😍

  5. Caelum Lucis says

    Statistics speak for themselves….. You didn't represent your company at all, your ego did LOL……. May your love ones have dreams of ring worms infesting them through the bullshit you sell.


    Good luck to her and the food looks delicious God Bless

  7. Tav aiono says


  8. Abdiel Leon says

    she is damn cuteeee

  9. Ghazal _srp says

    Other cultures call it Samosa Ethiopians call it sambosa and we call it samboose 😀

  10. The LJ Hour Podcast says

    I went to an Ethiopian wedding once beautiful gathering, beautiful women but I wasn't a fan of the food watching this I would give it a second chance

  11. GAARYSS says

    My father is half habesha, I'm considered habesha too?

  12. Mxnny says

    Proud 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  13. Marcus Estrada says

    shit looks dank

  14. Noah Zeus says

    Eritrea lets go

  15. Sarah Threlfall says

    2:02 Wow her mom is stunning!

  16. Randy Buja says

    I didn't know Ethiopians ate food

  17. Diamant Brut says


  18. mysticshame says

    Why am I just seeing this. If you all came to Atlanta, Ga i would support you very often. Thanks for the video.

  19. Albara Hamdoun says

    You have all the support from sudan 🇸🇩

  20. u235u235u235 says

    Egypt will blow up Ethiopia's new dam

  21. zach says

    hi guys,while enjoying the video don't forget to support the people suffering from last week's incident

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