The Personal Computer Revolution: Crash Course Computer Science #25


Today we’re going to talk about the birth of personal computing. Up until the early 1970s components were just too expensive, or underpowered, for making a useful computer for an individual, but this would begin to change with the introduction of the Altair 8800 in 1975. In the years that follow, we’ll see the founding of Microsoft and Apple and the creation of the 1977 Trinity: The Apple II, Tandy TRS-80, and Commodore PET 2001. These new consumer oriented computers would become a huge hit, but arguably the biggest success of the era came with the release of the IBM PC in 1981. IBM completely changed the industry as its “IBM compatible” open architecture consolidated most of the industry except for, notably, Apple. Apple chose a closed architecture forming the basis of the Mac Vs PC debate that rages today. But in 1984, when Apple was losing marketshare fast it looked for a way to offer a new user experience like none other – which we’ll discuss next week.

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  1. georgysb says

    6:20 Lies! IBM wasn't "ignoring" microcomputer market. They introduced IBM 5100 at 1975 and so on till IBM 5150 at 1981 which we know as IBM PC.

  2. VOLKNER 117 says

    4:08 Steve Jobs? I believe you meant Michael Kelso.

  3. peter tuann says

    did anyone else have a apple 2 knockoff from Taiwan? Pineapple? I also had a dot matrix printer, remember dot matrix?

  4. Rowan Brown says

    So, we’re just, NOT gonna talk about apple’s slogan?

  5. Thomas Simeone says

    Did I ask

  6. Brady Will says


  7. abbas fadhil says

    this series should be named ( the history of computer science )

  8. Tony Droid says

    Apple is trash 😂

  9. Joseph Farese says

    Ok boomer

  10. Usama Iftikhar Butt says

    little boring epesode

  11. Nathaniel Ricciuti says

    Nobody fken cares

  12. Emerald Emperor says

    Trash 80!!!

  13. inflateOpassion says

    Love I B M Ad @8:20

  14. Isabela De Paula says

    Why y’all like watching this?

  15. Isabela De Paula says

    Who else is here by of school

  16. Damian Woods says

    Love your videos; A few things 1. 7:00 I don't think CP/M was ever preferred or used by IBM prior to being offered in the 1980s as an alternative to MS-DOS. Earlier IBM PCs from mid 1970s (51xx just supported APL and basic). 2. 5:00 TRS-80 shown is not the 1977 model I as part of the "Trinity". This is the model III which came out in July, 1980.

  17. Elijah Ganske says

    Where is my guy John Green at

  18. Ale ben says

    WROOONNGG the first personal computer was Italian PROGRAMMA 101 by Olivetti in 1965.

  19. Groovin’ Props 97 says

    Another video I got to watch as homework from my computer teacher.

  20. Bruce Lee says

    This was the fastest episode o.o

  21. Buddy Light says

    Apparently CrashCourse isn't keeping up with the Commodore.

  22. Liamolucko says


  23. Joseph Park says

    What does her shirt say?"USB I am your father."-"Noooo!"-???

  24. Matthew Roop says

    Hey I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico

  25. The IT Guy says

    Love the T-Shirt!

  26. оригинальный коментатор says

    WHERE IS C64

  27. Kisuke323 says

    "If you are good at something, never do it for free." – Some clownThank you, CrashCourse 🙂

  28. Ava Nightangle says

    We finally saw the entire t shirt. Yes!

  29. Luiz Fellipe Carneiro says

    I wish to have a teacher like Carrie Ann back in the day when I was in college. She is very nice and explains very well.

  30. Lone Wolf says

    My Dad bought a 1979 TI-99/4 (Texas Instruments) for about $1,200 at Foley's. I was impressed that it had a whopping 16 colors!

  31. Sam Stuart says

    The woman doing these videos is beautiful. Not supermodel beautiful, but the fact she knows about computers makes her pretty hot.

  32. Justin Langseth says

    Good to see Beans from Even Stevens has a new gig

  33. Esperanza says

    Thank you so much for this amazing video!

  34. Shaül N. says

    Hey Dear Carrie Ann, one year before Altaire, there was the Micral, currently exhibited in Boston Museum

  35. Belen ZG says


  36. Tueem Syhu says

    These Videos are soo Informative!!😀👍

  37. gamefreak says

    USB, Im your father! Noooooo

  38. Damian G says

    really like the shirt

  39. Ramon Sanchez says

    Carrie Anne, you're brilliant and great fun to listen to, but you left out the Amiga Computer. After the Commodore 64, the Amiga became popular as a personal computer on par with the Mac, the Atari ST, and the IBM PC. It has a place in personal computer history as the first to offer a color interface and improved audio compared to other systems. It was the Amiga that inspired Apple and IBM to improve their graphics and audio.

  40. Chris Elmer says

    Why would early computer enthusiasts even want these? Sure £2k today is a lot of money for a beefy gaming rig and media editing machine, but I can't see how many people outside business would spend the equivalent momey on a oversized card puncturer. I'm surprised consumer available computers even took off so early as they did.

  41. Kushal Patel says

    I love that shirt.

  42. Floydsghost says

    Finally i get to see what was on that shirt!

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