The REAL reason we are able to afford this LIFESTYLE Boat Tour Sailing GBU


This week on Sailing GBU we go over some budget sailing repairs. Some worked out and some did not work for long. Either way these are a few reasons we got as far as we have on such a small budget. Hopefully we can inspire you to be creative with your repairs and save money to get on to sailing around.

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  1. Sailing Good, Bad, and Ugly says

    Thanks so much for watching and hitting thumbs up!! Get Inspired!!
    Share if you care!

  2. Michelle Gaeb says

    OMG 😱. YES I CAN!

  3. G R says

    Thanks for the truth, which is " you have to want to make it happen" ! You made it happen! God speed!

  4. Pops Old Boats says

    Dyneema is a very good replacement for steel rigging. I have seen alot of sailors doing it lately.

  5. earl Wright says

    I'm not trying to be a pervert, BUT your lady is beautiful!

  6. Robert Palmore says

    So many people just say "I can't" and give up. If you really want to and it not just s wish, it is so easy to get what you really want. Like the expression says. "if there is a will there is a way."

  7. Robert Sayles says

    Hope your insurance company is not watching.

  8. Murray Pollard says

    Way to go!! Ingenuity rules!!

  9. J. D. says

    The flooring cracked me up. Brilliant idea though!

  10. gooni goo goo says

    liar. get youtube to pay for it…get the viewer clicks to pay your lazy life style without an actual job!!! hope I cleared that up for everyone

  11. andrewski Baba says

    cool man.

  12. Abel Arellano says

    YES I CAN.

  13. Ralph Brown says

    I love it. I set goals of leaving for a world record voyage at June 27, 2009 at 5 pm. We left on time, I was wiring to boat as we left. We made 17 voyages setting four world records. Make it work.

  14. Roger K says

    Cute as a button, him not so much but very admirable👠🎓🐈☺

  15. Graham Robson says

    Great video

  16. Roger Herbert says

    Love you guys!

  17. aj paul says

    Everyone seems to hate on the galvi. Show up in my backyard with stainless wire and we will all laugh at you. Of course, I am working on commercial fishing vessels in Alaska, rust doesnt bother us. Something that looks super shiny till it work hardens and breaks without warning can cost you an opener, a season, a life. Galvi all the way if your life depends on it.

  18. Paul Kleisinger says

    If you redo the floor, use Marine Spar, it seals the wood better. Have done this on an older power boat.

  19. Jeff Hines says

    to many bad ideas, ….to cheap and dangerous.

  20. Ken Astrov says

    Thanks. 👍👌👍

  21. daverjax says

    Good On Ya! IF it's working for you and it's cheaper and just as serviceable, WTF NOT do it? OH, Ya know you can ake you're OWN Rain Catchment system, Rick Moore of SSL had a Video ofhow HE made a Raincatchment recovery system for like ess then Thirty Bucks, Those Rainstorms can PRODUCE about Thirty Gallons of Fresh Water that only requuires a Brita Filter to make it potable. It'll keep ya out of those expensive Marina Water Docks, and be Purer Water. F.W.F>S.

  22. Tony says

    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Sarah Francis Brown (NOT Mark Twain)

    You've made a fan out of me.

  23. Phillip Henderson says

    Just Found Your Channel. Love the mindset of finding a way to make work what you have going. If you don't jump in the water you'll just be watching everyone else from the dock. I've found myself working to a similar end on the camping RV side. (have actually spent most of this weekend searching out a trailer to buy and start the process). You've given me a new way to look at a couple ideas on the Bad Ugly side. Might be a bit easier if there was someone with a similar mindset in the game with me. You two seem a great fit.

  24. David Ressler says

    Hi, I just found you both and love your channel. Some ideas to this theme, as I have been keeping some vintage boats running since 70's: I love your plumbing approach and agree fully. On wiring, the reason the wires go is because of the high moisture (and salt), getting dunked now and again in the bilge is just an event.  
    My experience is that regular auto part wiring and components will fail in 3-5 years. Marine grade electrical components will fail in 8+ years and this has a lot to do with your ability to keep things clean and tidy (IE: use the boat all the time). But my observation is that boat architects do not think about maintenance when they design the wiring, so when it comes time to replace it or just to get a bad circuit running again, it is a royal pain. to save cost, they tend to run wire harnesses down every seam and single wires surface where they are needed. At very little cost, when performing maintenance, I have bundled and relocated the wiring to run down accessible dry runways and installed terminal blocks in remote locations (like under the helm). This helps to rapidly debug where the power is and where it stops and replace components quickly. I do avoid auto quality, but I agree with your philosophy. Rethinking the layout will at least help each new replacement. Good luck, I'll be watching the channel regularly

  25. Paul Humphrey says

    I love you guys. Exactly what I want to do

  26. Jim Kennedy says

    I lived alone on a Morgan 30 for 10 years. A lot of things in this video I can relate to. Money is in the rigging, sails, and anchors, all the rest is great if savings can be had. arrgh.

  27. mbchudno says

    could you just went with LVP for a flooring? 0 maintenance, does not breakdown from water, looks like wood. could probably add groves to make it look like thin planks.

  28. Hubert Sashegyi says

    I think you guys are the best!!! You offer a perspective on living a dream, going minimalist, coming in on budget, that many of us cringe at. You absolutely have the right idea!! You come across as deeply honest, straight-up, and best of all, NO bullshit. In our increasingly shallow, materialistic, consumerist society all your naysayers should be banished to the Island of Ignorance. Your concept of life, living, and learning should be a paradigm for all of us. Of course, we can't all sail as you do, but we could improve our lives by grafting your philosophy on the lives we do have. Well done!

  29. Jeff Taylor says

    Use per pipe for plumbing..
    I don't think that pipe is good for potable watet

  30. Jeff Taylor says

    Ausome story

  31. Jeff Taylor says

    Apoxy for the floor

  32. TheJeffrey575 says

    Look at the number of views! Desperate times result in desperate measures. It’s the engine of innovation and discovery. Survival is proof of exceptional creativity.

  33. Good Times with Al says

    Just started watching your video series. I like the realistic problems you show.

  34. Tod Patn says

    You’ve got a boat and she floats. It makes a great show. You’ve got a beautiful girl and she’s supportive I love your show. BUT i watch these videos with my kiddos too. I gotta protect their ears and eyes sometimes. But your the good the bad the ugly. And one lucky dude.

  35. jade sidhe says

    Dude, mad props! We left society 3 years ago in a 1979 rv at idle speed cause it needed repairs. We drove only at night to avoid traffic. Now we're up to normal travel and looking forward to getting into a boat. This is definitely the most inspiring video we've ever seen on the subject. Thank you so much for making this video.

  36. tim wade says

    Hay y'all are great. Think outside of the box I love it

  37. greg wilkinson says

    You could have sealed it with epoxy resign and it would have lasted a lot longer

  38. Justhinkin says

    Very cute, she shakes her head and says, “you’re not cool” … Yes I can and Yes I am 🤣😂🤣

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