The Secret to Magnolia's Famous Banana Pudding | Food Network Finds


We got the secret to Magnolia Bakery’s FAMOUS banana pudding 🍌🍌 #FoodNetworkFinds

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  1. Jennifer Hauler says

    Not a fan of banana pudding

  2. A Keener Appetite ASMR says

    I love BANANA 🍌 PUDDING!!! That’s why I ate a HOMEMADE one on my channel! Check it out if you’re interested. I feel like it’s a dessert that isn’t very common these days. Thanks for making a video on it and sharing it with people. You can share some with me on my channel and even make your own at home! 💕💕👍🏽🍌🍌🍌

  3. Beverly Cooper says

    Omg. Im lusting. Look so delicous

  4. Jane Austen says

    I made this pudding and it only lasted two days, i was lucky to get a bite!

  5. Kim Zastrow says

    We also put banana peels in the compost but rotting pears are the best

  6. Deeva Q Speaks says

    Us blk folk make this homemade no need to buy it! A soulfood staple!

  7. Addison Ramirez says

    How is that world famous. That’s the basic recipe

  8. Eat Away says

    These puddings are truly the crown jewel of magnolia.. they're a must get in NYC

  9. It’s 323 says

    Hope there’s one near me, my moms birthday is in less than a month & the cakes look beautiful ‼️💯

  10. Yo Momma says

    Barf…I dont see the appeal in desserts …film some damn steak and then we can talk

  11. Courtney Poland says

    I'm sorry but… No one can make banana pudding like a black mama or grandmama, imma just say that. 😭🤣

  12. Michael Tran says

    Don’t forget to ask for the secret menu item, insulin! Yum.

  13. Debbie Bloodworth says


  14. noah lawrence says

    Looks like I'm the only one that think it looks nasty.

  15. LaMonda Denise says

    I can assure you nothing is better than homemade custard not store-bought pudding!!!!!!!!!

  16. Laci Hawkins says

    😥 this looks just like my grandma's did. I've never found another one like hers! It's the soft vanilla wafers that make it perfect!!

  17. yojimbe1980 says

    If anyone is interested. You can order from here on a site called Goldbelly. It's expensive but worth it. Especially if you can spread the cost among some coworkers

  18. arb Deal says

    I am weird but I have to line up the nilla wafers and banana slices neatly when I make Banana Pudding. That could be why it takes me forever to make it.

  19. Brian Johnson says

    Looks tasty.

  20. Mukbang & Chill says

    I had this recently and it really is as good as it looks! Next I have to try the banana pudding ice cream banana🍌🍨😋

  21. Monique Sinha says

    They name the best banana pudding 🙌

  22. Velvet Sun says

    My oh my 😉

  23. Steph F says

    I have to bake after seeing this

  24. GodsChild B4TheWomb says

    Lord Have Mercy 🙊

  25. ga_sweetie says

    You had me at "shipped"…😍

  26. Andrea Robinson says

    My aunt been mixing the whipped cream and the pudding… I thought everyone did it that way

  27. jv says

    Ih may one day i will get here look amazing

  28. dee feran says

    When I used to live in DXB, every my day off, I went to Magnolia in Dubai Mall, and bring back 4 pieces cupcakes for my self

  29. Lipton T , says

    Omg that’s how my mom makes her banana pudding. That’s it I’m telling my family we’re opening a restaurant

  30. Tiffany Black says

    That just looks like death and heart disease and diabetes.

  31. The Bluebonnet Homestead says

    From the looks of it, it is probably very similar to recipes like Paula Deen’s banana pudding… I make this but do the measurements/ingredients differently, and people act like it’s the most heavenly dessert on the planet.

  32. piecesofme says

    How many calories is this?

  33. Yogi Beer says

    They won’t tell me where it’s at

  34. Krystle V says

    I make this all the time

  35. Katy Arnold says

    I love!!! banana pudding I wish they would make banana pudding ice cream.

  36. Veronique Ramirez says

    This magnolia isn’t owned by chip and Joanna??? Every time I see this pudding I think it’s in Waco.

  37. Julie Henschel says

    Where is the recipe for the banana pudding!

  38. trenitty81 says

    I love bananas but cant stomach banana pudding or bananas in a smoothie. It’s so weird and that pudding actually looks good

  39. Keke H. says

    The pudding doesn't speak to me as it does to the rest of yll in this section, I'd take the cakes that the pudding

  40. Davi jones says

    I wanna cakey goodness!😭😭😭😣

  41. D Hager says

    If I was presented a beautifully decorated cake like the dream cake at second 0:20 … its a work of art & I'd literally have to force myself to cut it.

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