The Swish Machine: 70 Step Basketball Trickshot (Rube Goldberg Machine)


This outdoor Rube Goldberg Machine goes around my entire yard, and swishes a basketball shot after 70 steps. This video was filmed in one take, meaning there are absolutely no hidden cuts or edits. The machine took a month to build and another month to successfully work, so please share this with anyone who needs some entertainment during these strange times!

Outro Music: Socially Distant by Jason Moran

Filmed entirely with the GoPro MAX. The GoPro MAX is a 360 camera, and I used it for this video so I did not have to stress about missing anything during the filming process. With the GoPro MAX, you can reframe your video after you film it, so it was impossible to miss any part of the machine when filming. If there are any strange spots in this video you might think looks like a cut or edit, that is just the stitching of the 360 video.

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  1. Suzanne LaBrie says

    Quelle ingéniosité et Quelle précision. Chapeau !!!

  2. The Basketball Shooting Coach says

    Loved it!

  3. Shaman Z Todi says

    Love what you created! I just spent 3 months in the hospital from Covid. Lost my brother in law in same hospital. When i see your video give me so much joy to watch. Keep doing what you are doing you are a great problem solver!

  4. Txscratchoff Winner says

    I salute you for making this chain reaction machine. It has to be hard work and time consuming. Genious idea and you have a beautiful backyard. Keep up the great work and keep improving buddy!

  5. actor actor says


  6. Ethan Madness?!?! says

    your are awsome i cant wait for next video

  7. Ethan Madness?!?! says

    did you know you where on the news ttps://

  8. modestokid says

    So awesome

  9. Rishi Mehta says

    "Shit, I wasn't recording!"

  10. Homeless Pizza says

    Me when I tell my friends how to play a game

  11. monica11760 says

    So as of 7/26/2020 197 people gave this a thumbs down. This took a lot of practice and was entertaining to watch. I guess those 197 were just jealous. Also, I would have thought it would have been waaAy longer than a month to set this up just right.

  12. Mona Leti says


  13. lapk78 says

    FYI-. There's another channel "Caters Clips" that's got this video on it.

  14. Debbie says

    That was really incredible!! Awesome!!

  15. eosmof says

    Только создатель этой машины смог бы записать настолько идеально видео всего процесса.Все ключевые моменты с начала и до конца видео находятся точно в центре кадра.Невообразимая работа и старания.

  16. Billie Ortiz says

    It looks like an animation to me. Just like the video games my daughter used to play. There are too many "impossible" shots and the hair of the guy at the beginning does not look real. Nonetheless, very clever and creative!

  17. Kerry Buell says

    My 2 and 4 year old grandkids loved this!! Great job!

  18. Constantin Queins says

    Sometimes I feel like a part of a cosmic goldberg machine.

  19. Nama depan anda Nama belakang anda says

    Easy to bed understoid&made

  20. Jean-Renaud Viers says

    42 yo : When I'll grow old, I will do tis kind of magic. Conratulation !

  21. Nicky.P Gaming says

    You made it on the go pro YouTube channel congrats dude!

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