The Worst Food Trends Of The Decade


The 2010s brought us food trends that likely never should have existed in the first place. Restaurants smothered bar snacks in synthetic truffle oil, while smashed avocado became the food of a generation. Brands lost their minds when it came to pumpkin spice- and birthday-cake-flavored everything. Insider took a look back at the worst food trends of the decade.


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The Worst Food Trends Of The Decade

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  1. Corgie Gorgie says

    These people are Hypocrites,most of these trends they showed us they tried themselves and said they were absolutely amazing

  2. Richi says

    Here in Chile avocado toast are pretty common

  3. aisha israr says

    They are legit using their own clips to dis themselves.

  4. Pavel Michalek says

    If you don't understand why people are trying not to eat pasta, then what the hell are you doing on the food channel?

  5. Ker Sen Samrach says

    them: truffles are bad and too expensive!!!!me with rich asian parents: sooooo that means u guys cant afford it????? u cant just judge something from its smell.

  6. Ker Sen Samrach says

    insider: GOld FoOD Is WOrSt!!!!mr beast: hold all my golden food and ill give her a peice of my mind

  7. random ._. says

    People in the video: PuMpKiN sPiCe SuCkSThem after the video: orders a pumkin spice related drinkAlso the green girl and girl with short brown hair are super annoyingAlso the gold is some times flavored.

  8. Rain says

    I really like that truffle mushroom Swiss burger from SMASHBURGER, it’s literally the only thing I get from there it’s so good, and the truffle honey chicken at Cheesecake Factory is really good too. I guess it’s not real truffle, I still like it but I’d like to try an actual truffle.

  9. ket l says

    pumpkin spice has existed… for decades? this isn't a new trend? i hate this video

  10. Catalina C. says

    It’s all eating disorder tips the juice and avocado toast

  11. L K says

    Wow they sounded so fake. I mean, i’ve seen these people (and channel) hyped these trends. Like… whatttt

  12. Cheese. says

    I'm allergic to avocados so…

  13. Tenshi Chan says

    I'm surprised they didn't put a can of Pumpkin Spice Spam on the table.

  14. Kalysta Ortiz says

    Also this video is ridiculously obnoxious I’m sorry. From the contempt to the mention of branding when there’s other things that have been falsely branded and pumpkin spice is just a fun fall thing now, along with juice cleanse being considered a placebo effect despite the evidence of nutritional benefits of drinking juice and veggies and steering away from processed glutinous and sugary foods being good for the body.

  15. Kalysta Ortiz says

    Avocados, like many other fruits and veggies, aren’t always in season so they have to be shipped from other parts of the world and that contributes to pollution and global warming. If y’all have the privilege, look up your nearest farmer’s markets and shop there, as they often have delicious and fresh foods as well as using less plastic.

  16. Jack Herer says

    bro is that song in the background the song pornhub sampled for the intro or sommit? sounds like it

  17. Leah Vitale says

    I think the only one I agree with is the gold leaf food. Not many will get to try real truffle, but who the Hell cares about people who like the taste and use the oil? Jesus. This video is obnoxious.

  18. Wasabi peas says

    I like Birthday cake icecream tho

  19. Prishika Chopra says

    Yall are hypocrite as heck

  20. I like hammers says

    We grow our own avacados and I'm in wales😂

  21. Librinaut says

    If you feel much better because of a juice cleanse it can be placebo BUT chances are high that you have some type of undiagnosed food allergy. You avoided milk, eggs, gluten, meats, fish etc for a longer time while "juice cleansing". So maybe leaving out one of those things does the trick for you

  22. Sean Palo says

    We eat avocado as a shake or just as it is but why is it on salty food

  23. •Possessed_Bees • says

    3:11PUPkin spice!…Ay?I’ll go home

  24. Olenka Tobaisiewicz says

    Nah cuz I love avo toast but don't have it bc of how it's sourced, but once it's sourced perfectly it should come back lol, also pumpkin spice is nasty in drinks made by Starbucks (also their exploration of workers for sourcing coffee beans) but it's sooooo good in homemade drinks, also funfeti cake SMACKSSSS

  25. Francesca says

    Have to say, the spiralizer would be handy for diabetics. I don't think I'd try it with marinara, but cheese and butter would work. And walnuts.

  26. kindle urie says

    Avocado toast slaps hard they can eat shit

  27. MimiFox says

    It's hard to take you seriously when you were the same people praising these trends when they first hit the scene. If you really judge someone for ordering avocado toast, then that sounds like you have the problem not them…

  28. Me Me says

    I love birthday cake and it's still a trend

  29. Grateful Robber says

    Zoodles are actually pretty good. They're not that bad. Sure, pasta is great, but it's a good alternative that I don't think should be on this list.

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