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Fashion Nova has become a fan favorite, thanks to celebs like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Lala. It’s one of the most popular fashion brands today, and with its affordable prices, is sure to stay on top for a while. But will your body look as good in Fashion Nova gear as the clothing looks on the ‘gram? Our fashion features director, Nikki Ogunnaike, is going to find out. Watch as she tries on 7 outfits from Fashion Nova.


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  1. ELLE says

    Watch episode two, where Nikki tests out BooHoo: And let us know what brand you think Nikki should try next!

  2. Daughter of Zion says

    Red outfit look like some jammies😂

  3. SeiPazzo1848 says

    Kudos to you, great review and skirt looks stunning, but it is over-priced junk. but only place to get a legit Mary J Blige t

  4. Irene Sanchez says

    Ok but like they saturate the color so much on the site. PLT is much better

  5. Jaleen Cadena says

    Girl we all know you rocked it way better👏🏻🌹handclap to her for even having the courage for doing this video

  6. Itsnotthat deepchill says

    She doesnt look like her voice and accent not a bad thing love the content

  7. Lesseroldertales says

    The clothes look so cheap.

  8. Tameka Shields says

    You are not a fashion nova model nor your body is no way close to their body🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. Love-Grace John says

    The lighting is different though…..

  10. bjosh02 says

    Fashion Nova are worth buying. I dont mind not having pockets. Other than that, you taking a chance. But I've had a good experience with their clothes, with the pieces I've bought.

  11. Lashonda Denise Howard says

    Nice I might shop on here just checking it out on youtube .

  12. cooking_with_baee says

    Look good online cheap when you get them cheap cheap cheap

  13. LMS says

    It has become very obvious over the years that these "celebs" were and are paid to promote what ever the hell they claim to love. Disgusting if you ask me

  14. Stella Lemkau says

    red velvet pjs be like:

  15. SmoochyDatRhino says

    Cheap bullshit

  16. Issy B. On Air says

    0:52 … yup … that's the Fashion Nova jeans process.

  17. It's Ama-Vee says

    Models also use fashion tape…

  18. LovelyMe3 says

    If she mentions her body one more time 🗣🗣🗣

  19. cymone teague says

    When looking at their website you REALLY need to keep in mind the body type of the model and the type YOU actually have. Of course it looks great on the model. I ordered from them 1 time-a really cute top and some skinny jeans. I took into account the models size and ordered a size up from what I normally wear due to their materials being cheap but when I got it, OMG the jeans didn't come past my knees and the long sleeve shirt didn't go on past my elbows. For a moment I was like " I know i didn't order a kids size". I checked every tag and my receipt, everything matched but was wayyy too small and yes, you pay for the return and get a store credit only! Beware

  20. John D says

    Bimbo materialism.

  21. Nicki Halo says

    Everything you bought is ugly that’s why. If you have good taste then it’s no problem.

  22. Savannah says

    I'm really skinny and just bought my first pair of fashion nova Jean's, love them. Favourite pair of high waisted Jean's that FIT and dont have that weird lowver back fabric gap. $40 instead of $150? Hell yeah.

  23. Tami H says

    I dont understand the point of this video😐. She basically is comparing herself to the models….😦. You can look at the clothes on the web site and tell its cheaply made.

  24. Msfly Gurl says

    Ur body is nice tho

  25. Msfly Gurl says

    Ur body is nice tho

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