Top 5 Apps for Fashion Designer


Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer? well good news, i have the top 5 must have apps for any aspiring or established fashion designers. Fashion …

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  1. Ruby. shiney says

    This video is really useful …I love the way you explain about Apps❤and I'm your New subscriber 🌌 could you plz tell me the name of those apps ,I don't know the exact spelling of that apps

  2. Z Free says

    I use fashion design on iphone

  3. minakshi muskan says

    I was so impressed by sketch and i couldn't find it whhhyyyy

  4. Ken Cervantes says

    Love those apps ❤️

    I also do digital design, so if you're looking for inspiration and some learnings feel free to go to my channel.

  5. Aisha May says

    Pinterest is the app I use the most. I use it EVERY day and it’s my favorite app. Can’t wait to try the other apps you listed up

  6. dmsjdjjd jssjjs says

    When your a 11 but you have a thing for fashion and your working on starting your own business without your parents knowing O-O ( btw i have enough money so i can buy everything i need so i thought about my fabric the kinds of fabric i would need sweing cloths i just bought a model so i can practice so dont worry i think i kinda got this even though i am really nervous i always thought about my future since i was 8 and i figured out that this is what i want so can you give any tips?

  7. lavell jennings says

    Can u type us the app sorry 😅

  8. Kalina Daskalova says

    AMAZING VIDEO and you just gained one more subscriber 🌸❣️

  9. Legend Gaming says

    Thnx for helping

  10. Khuram Shahzad says


  11. Khuram Shahzad says


  12. Khuram Shahzad says


  13. That's Mehak says

    Thank alot for helping me 💟💟😄😄

  14. DOIA VILELA says

    Muito bom obrigada!

  15. K-pop Is my life says

    Dude thank you it helped me a lot😄😄💜

  16. AlexTremo DelNorte says

    Good sir, you need to go back to normal before it's too late!

  17. AlexTremo DelNorte says

    Oh, no! I was genuinely interested in the video, but then, this man had to turn out to be an effeminate…. What a disappointment….

  18. t7. bts says

    Thank you💜

  19. Mona Singh rajput8051 says

    Very useful video

  20. iixazelyia says

    Thanks bitch have a great day

  21. maya says

    so there is no free alternative to Adobe? 💀

  22. GAMING BUDDY says

    Please man SUBSCRIBE to my CHANNEL also

  23. Haleh June says

    thank you darling!

  24. D. C. Jacobs says

    Please learn how to slow down and pronounce your words better so you can be understood better. Thanks for the info.

  25. Sneha Hosmani says

    Can you give link

  26. Sofi Siblings says

    Thank you so much, that's really helpful ❤️

  27. Fashion Illustration by Deepika says

    Please visit my channel for fashion illustration

  28. Kate Sidai says

    For those who don't have an iPhone you can use Palette app as an alternative

  29. OkaMshangane Ntshangase says

    Thank you for the insightful and helpful information you have given

  30. Liman Abubakar says

    Nice video mannnnn

  31. Martin Seale says

    Adobe Capture pretty much does exactly the same thing as the Pantone app

  32. Aaron Velázquez says

    i can't find the sketch app on IOS

  33. Bhawana Subedi says

    I suggest u pinterest


    Very useful video

  35. Gouri Sharma says

    Can u plzz mention name of the all apps

  36. Fazal Mahmood says


  37. Rizki Joes says

    shirt apps Best ever

  38. WonderLust Vlogs says

    I like how the guy got straight to the point and didn’t self promote himself for 10 minutes straight

  39. Jennifer rizk says

    can you please type the names of the apps im not finding them
    thanks xxx

  40. Mrs Amini says

    By the way! I suggest setting up a channel to teach English language, grammar and conversation.

  41. Mrs Amini says

    very nice and practical explanations. I needed these tips very much
    And thank you for speaking fast that was perfect and useful. Thank you very much 🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌

  42. Candra Hapsari Maharani says

    i saw jaewon in the pintrest

  43. Shashikant Parashar says

    Grateful video

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