Torching A Computer (While It's Running)


Do Not Attempt Anything You See In This Video Yourself.

Under 18. Click the link below to view the video.

Another Dell computer has fallen into our destructive hands. This time we spray the motherboard with a flammable surface cleaner to see what happens.

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  1. dawid kuchta says

    now I know what firewall means

  2. M I says

    Im Playing Fortnite My PC: 7:36

  3. I didn’t Get the joke says


  4. McBeaconYT says

    Me:yes I download GTA 5Pc:oh noMe:*click run*Pc:FreezePc fan:AccelerationPc: 2:09

  5. b4Magic says

    Yo this pc is ON FIRE

  6. Abraham Garcia says

    The pc was so powerful, it lit itself on fire

  7. Explosive Burner says

    The pc fought for his life until he die…so sad poor pc:(

  8. WilliamAlxD says

    2:09 when you turn on your ps4

  9. Alexander Jarvis69 says

    This is dell computer destruction 2]

  10. Abdelrahmun says

    جمعية حقوق الاوبتيبلكس هتقبض عليكم

  11. Raymond Hsu says

    fire: hellooooooooooooooo temperature sensor: wtf the cpu is too hotfan: sure let me go HYPERSPEEEEEEED

  12. Mr. Cj says

    Who else trying to put out the fire using mouth 👄

  13. Mohamned Sameer says

    can you give these pc to me please

  14. RUFUS CYCLOPS says


  15. I eat Penis 4 breakfast says

    For sale: slightly used

  16. Reseen Syed says

    This is why WOMEN live longer than MEN

  17. gamer series says

    My PC when it tries to play Minecraft rtx but there is not rtx on the computer

  18. Gonzalo Suarez Saavedra says

    1 million views!

  19. AJ electronics says


  20. AJ electronics says

    Masha Allah for sharing useful information

  21. is miracle 123 says

    That's a damn windows computer

  22. Dean Mcdonald says

    I guess you can say the computer OVERHEATED insert drum sound

  23. sha-ne miraveles says


  24. 张念 says

    Just pour oil on it!

  25. sandro's play time says

    What the😕

  26. Muhammad hassan says


  27. iimit Channel says

    I love that's computer…if don't like that's computer just give it to me…not all people around world have money to buy new computer sir🙏😟

  28. Dhemisom Barros says

    Quando o fago e bastante forte e o proprio pc eleva a potencia do cules pra gira mais rapido e vai reiniciar caranba ele rodou com uma força pra apagar o fogo isso e modo de segurança

  29. Tryrex Man says

    the fans going into maximum overdrive got a solid laugh out of me

  30. TheDankAtheist says

    2:22 “it thinks its hot” well yah its on fire not really sure what else its supposed to think.

  31. atk TEDGI says

    DEEL fanboys———😭

  32. Lleaknut_ NamE says

    Its xp

  33. Kanzaki San says

    shawn : shows people a roller coaster builder game and crashes 2 trains this is what will happen to this computerthe computer : chuckles i'm in danger

  34. AudiFan 6000 says

    No one:My grandma's pc 7:35

  35. xXItzBaltoXx says

    3:29 its still working a few seconds laterCOMPUTER SAYS OH HELL NAW AND SHUT DOWN

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