Travel – Explore New Zealand with a backpack


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See how life could be if you decide to travel the world.
A Backpack is all you need, to travel and explore our awesome and beautiful world! Don’t be afraid to travel, it’s the best thing you can do! And always remember:
Traveling is the only thing in the world that you can buy and it makes you richer!

Never touch the ground (Gazzo Remix) – Y LUV

Everything filmed with the GoPro HD Hero 3!
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  1. maxvanstralen says

    nice clickbait..

  2. Monika N says

    Why is the movie unavailable?? Fix it because this movie is beautiful, please.

  3. Wander with Intent says

    Wow. So beautiful. Is this a team or just two people ?

  4. Alex Huang says

    Are those people ur friends or u met them while traveling?

  5. Troll Of Justice says

    Jesus, that thumbnail's like 0.5s… gonna go ahead and give you a thumbs down

  6. Adrian Hawker says

    Awesome vid! Looks like an epic trip.

  7. BadassEFdriver says

    Goals AF man

  8. Travis McQueen says

    Where was the cliff jumping in the water?!!?

  9. Cody Maynard says

    Awesome video! Were you able to get sponsored by GoPro for this video???

  10. Nour Lababidi says

    Good job guys. Really good shoots!! You inspired me to make my own version of "Explore New Zealand with a backpack". Thank You 🙂

  11. VMA225 says

    Slow Down, Mate !!!

  12. Katie says

    Epiccc man. Loved it. Cool filming 🙂 Where was your fave place here?

  13. Ryan O'Connor says

    Epic Mate

  14. Ajin Joseph says

    where did u see that walrus

  15. Wrath says

    There are wild bushmen that eat the tourists in fiordland. So Stay on the trails.

  16. Robert Stewart says

    Check your travel warnings New Zealand is high on the listOne thing you must take into account it is a third world country and crime comes with the territory tourists need to be very careful and don't take lightly the risk that are very real,there are many sad cases of rape murder and especially assaults and theft

  17. Sam's somewhere says

    Those dolphins!!! I burst out laughing! I can't wait to be in NZ myself at the end of the year!!

  18. Daycee Mi Ro Ling says

    if someone was to do all these activities just one person it would cost $3000+ just on activities

  19. Norbert Pecheq says

    1:03 !!!

  20. Tim Stafford says

    description: "A Backpack is all you need" …. LIES. And lots of money

  21. JaliceOfMe says

    LMAO, last of their innocence. The mature generation hate these ignorant pesky dumb idoits for their total failure towards to New Zealand. it is the land of immigrants causing a huge housing crisis with people living in garages and no infrastructure.Note: the use of too many dumb money hungry blondes where they just open their legs to trap some guys hard earn't money which happens more in New Zealand than anywhere else in the world. Only the really spoilt brats have enough money now to play about with their silly toys and in ten years they will be trying to cliam the dole as more unwated useless idiots

  22. Diggy d says

    You're totally right! All you need is a backpack big enough to fit the essentials. A couple bro tanks, a gopro, and that credit card. Damn, what a minimalist. I could never do this!

  23. says

    Awesome video! keep it up! we're happy to share this one to our readers at – check it out and contact us if you want us to share more of your awesome videos!:) Follow us on instagram @socialroadtrips and facebook

  24. Jhon Roberth Gilces Ayala says

    Great, which is the name of the song?greetings from

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