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April 2013, we packed our bags and went for a trip around Europe! It was mainly to spend my 25th birthday in Paris on the 1st of May and since we were already heading in that direction, we added in a couple more stops to visit friends, family and of course to explore and have a little wander.

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All filming: Aubrey Daquinag & Paul Serra for The Love Assembly.


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  1. NASHA Travel says

    please check out my travel vlog also 🙂

  2. Sally says

    Hi, i really like your video! Very inspiring! This one is my very first video of your channel. I really want to watch it again…but it says it cannot be played….:( is it possible to have a new uploaded one???

  3. asDAISIEme says

    oml ! I luuuvv this ! 💗💗

  4. Rebekah Hinckley says

    You went to Angelina's!!! Tell me you had the hot chocolate! 😍

  5. My Life in Stripes says

    I love this! Wanna make videos like this in the future, subscribed! 😀

  6. Rachel Chen says

    I'm going to europe this summer and this just made me all that much more excited!!

  7. Veronika says

    Very cool!

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