Traveling Alone to NEPAL as a Female [Ep. 1] 🇳🇵



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In October 2018, I set my foot to the country of Himalaya, Nepal, for the very first time. What used to be a plan of traveling for 3 months, has turned out to be more meaningful than that. Nepal has become a second home to me since then and I always return to this beloved country.

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xHello there! If you make it this far, welcome!
I am Syifa, an Indonesian female solo traveler, who started solo traveling in 2013. I enjoy budget traveling by staying with locals, motorbike riding but also like to explore local food.
After working for the government till 2016, I left Indonesia to pursue long-term traveling. As naive as I was, it only lasted me for 5 months throughout Asia. In January 2017 I moved to China for an English teaching job, which was considered to be my first living abroad experience. Stayed until May 2018, living in China has changed me, in a good way.
I love traveling and creating travel videos on Youtube. It is such a rewarding work for me that I do wish this would last me for a while.

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  1. Syifa Adriana says

    Hello everyone!Merry Christmas and happy holidays to those of you who are celebrating. This is my very first vlog of Nepal series that I am planning to publish accordingly. These are travel day type of vlogs where nothing interesting happened, but I tried to include travel tips just in case you need them.Sorry for the shaky clips and standard editing. Nonetheless, I hope you can still enjoy this simple vlog as the beginning of my journey to Nepal. Let me know what you think! I love reading your comments 🙂

  2. Arjan Sunar says

    Love u so much I'm from nepal

  3. Prithivi Chhetri says

    Thanks for making such a lovely video and also for showing so much love to our motherland, Nepal !!Keep on enjoying cause life is an adventure to be experienced..Much love and best regards from a Nepali !! ♥ ♥ ♥Dhanyabad..: ) : ) : ) : )

  4. AMB LOMBOK says

    Wowww.. Amazing I Love…

  5. Mary Hajra & Hasnain SHOW says

    We made reaction videos .. this one is on Nepal .. please watch

  6. yan se says

    I love your videos!!!

  7. yan se says

    I travelled as once as a female too but now im a male

  8. Durga Thapa says

    LOVE from nepal

  9. Beautiful Sri Lanka says


  10. dioscoro joel urian says

    how much for the hotel?

  11. BOG YT says

    You looks like Nepali.. ❤..

  12. Za Iq says


  13. Ngema Lama says

    Love 💗 you syifa from npl

  14. sailesh singh tharu says

    it's my dream to travel the world……….

  15. Hari maya Gurung says

    Make sure to visit pokhara cause I'm nepali and I live in nepal

  16. Nobita says

    Dr. Strange

  17. Shamir Rai says

    Hi guys I was born in Nepal 🇳🇵 it is my country 😀😀😀😀

  18. Himal Khatri says

    Love from nepal

  19. know something.99 says

    I was bout to visit nepal but my country china captured nepal so i cant take risk anymore

  20. B P says

    Lol, for me this is called "going back home"



  22. Sandesh shrestha says

    hlo who watch these in 2020 i am from nepal our country is very beautiful but some things is wrong in our country only nepali knew about social problem of nepal

  23. Gole Binaya says


  24. Jun Esparez says

    Will u be ME your great alalay,, you know what alalay is ?

  25. Jun Esparez says

    Haha can I help you idol

  26. Jun Esparez says

    Hello,, am wanna meet female bloggers haha,, chaperone all the time and anywhere

  27. Jun Esparez says

    Hello,, am wanna meet female bloggers haha,, chaperone all the time and anywhere

  28. Binod Khadka says

    Welcome to Nepal..Nice Hotel. however Next time please Choose a little more Nice one.

  29. dioscoro joel urian says

    magkano po lahat papuntang NEPAL? From phil…

  30. EV VLLAN says

    Hi did you like nepal

  31. Ertugrul Seasons says

    Please visit Pakistan 🇵🇰 ❤️

  32. Always Meninism says

    You look Nepalese more than Nepalese

  33. Manash Ganguly says

    South Asia kovi india me tha.

  34. Krishna Prasad says

    where are you from

  35. Limbug Aug says

    I am from Nepal and I want to marry you

  36. Chariya VLOG says my channel. I have some videos in Nepal 🇳🇵

  37. shaikh sahab says

    Hi syifa h.w.u u r so cute 👌👌👌👌

  38. Josh Henry says

    Good i heard they sell their women in prostitution

  39. Rachin Lamichhane says

    Our beautiful country nepal is always liked by foreigners thank you 💖💖🇳🇵

  40. Sokea Lifestyle says

    Good morning

  41. Born a princess Daddy’s dearest says

    Nice video

  42. D.B. Limbu says

    thank nice content

  43. A J says

    Nepal is safe place…but india it is not

  44. tiustv 2020 says

    Hello nepal from indonesian

  45. Nurma Yunita says trus yah kk🙏 ijin bagi channel ku juga,smga bermaampaat

  46. Chandan Adhikary says

    I love you from India

  47. Bibesh iconic Sedhain says

    lol i live in mamaiju

  48. Averest entertainment says

    I love nepal from hongkong

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