Traveling Saudi Arabia Taif City Tour By Bus Middle East


Traveling Saudi Arabia Taif City Tour by Bus I’m Traveling Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Taif City is located in the Makkah Province western part of Saudi Arabia. 90 Km from Makkah and 475 Km from Madinah Munawarah. At Elevation of 6165 Feet on the slopes of Sarawat Mountain. Well, known Personalities in Islamic history are Abdullah Bin Abbas Library and Grave, Who was the cousin of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. And Scholar of Islam. Muhammad Bin Qasim was born in Taif City 31 Dec 695 AD who conquered the Sindh and Multan along the river Indus in India. He died in 715 AD at aged 19-20 Years in Mosul Iraq.
Taif city is beautiful high clouds almost every day in the sky. Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz al Saud vows to open Saudi Arabia for foreign tourists and Saudi vision 2030.
exploring Saudi Arabia with limited excess on Umra visa. more than 15 million Pilgrims visit Saudi Arabia annually for Umra and Hajj. Saudi Arabia Travel is a good experience. I hope you will enjoy my trip by bus in Saudi city Taif.
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    Beautiful with greenery. Clean roads & magnificent simple building…. looks very homely.👍😊💐🙏

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    Why is this ur last visit.? U don't want to go again.?

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    Taif ki khoobsurti raat ko dekhne wali hai Saudi Arabia ki. Harr wo. Jagah khoobsurat Or sukoon ka baais hai jahan jahan Hamaare Rasool pak saww ke paon mubarak parey

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    Masha Allah me aayuga Saudi Arabia

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    outstanding…. it was really entertaining to watch this video…. excellent… love and appreciation from The Hunza Valley and welcome there too…

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    I worked at alhada military hospital in taif.that was in 1992 up to i missed taif very much.taif is a nice place and a cool place especially on winter time.

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    ارزو دارم برم عربستان سیر دلم بگردم شهرهاشو عاشق عربستانم درود بر شاه محمد بن سلمان فقید و سلام بر محمد بن سلام عزیز که این مملکت قشنگ رو برای مردشم درست کرد

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