Trump refuses to denounce QAnon, fields questions about health in combative town hall


In his televised NBC News town hall in Miami, President Trump was combative as he faced tough questions on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, his views on a conspiracy movement and his taxes. Nikole Killion reports.

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  1. Keith Rodriguez says

    this is depicting that O thing they did on me where they emptied my bank accounts for what reason I guess presidents have money issues.

  2. R says

    Q never once said the word "Qanon" so idk where that word comes from.

  3. manko330 says


  4. Michael jackson says


  5. Steve Lawson says

    BS Media. Trump has done more for this country than any President in my 60+ years. FOUR MORE YEARS!!

  6. Major Glory says

    Wheres the story of Joe Biden not denouncing Antifa?

  7. mani mukhiya says

    Donald trump is president of QANON In August 2019, a video posted online by "Women for Trump" late in July was reported to include "Q"s on two campaign signs. The first sign, which said "Make America Great Again", had a "Q" taped to it in the corner. The other side, "Women for Trump" had the "O"s in "Women" and "for" pasted over with "Q"s. The images which included the altered signs were clearly taken at a Trump campaign rally, which have increasingly attracted adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory, so it is unknown if those particular signs were selected for inclusion deliberately or not.[130] The video has since been taken down.[131]

  8. Kung pao says

    God Bless President Trump

  9. aquarius3276 says

    So now that he’s denounced white supremacy for the hundredth time, they now have moved to QAnon? You lying media are a bunch of FAKES!!! I hope you cry democrat tears when President Trump wins by a landslide on Nov 3rd! #TRUMP2020

  10. Talk and Opinions says

    So what!

  11. Ross Matthews says

    I am glad i watched the Town hall before watching this news piece or i might have believed the spin CBS put on it. Anyone reading this please just watch the town hall because this news piece is 100% propaganda

  12. David Harris says

    Cbs, is this the best you got to report on???? Gayle fill us in on the Hunter Biden news. We are waiting….

  13. Brendan Halsey says

    you guys are biased scumbags. i hope trump wins just so y’all can be miserable for another 4 years.

  14. neogirl37 says

    Q ANON ALL THE WAY TRUMP 2Q2Q WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸

  15. Charles Mckinney says

    Still waiting for creepy Joe to denounce antifa.

  16. Jay Crawford says

    A pontential domestic terror threat? Gtfoh what is Anita and blm? Do you see Q people burning, looting, and murdering? Nope wwg1wga we want truth and justice for the years of crime and corruption. Trump 2020

  17. Harold Sullivan says

    CBS you're trash the woman that was doing old badger and she's trash they asked questions don't even mean nothing and I hope President Trump shut y'all down for lying you think everybody can you see you think everybody's blind we're not blind we see what you doing and now you have a bad reputation

  18. C.C. Krishna says

    CBS is absolutely ridiculous. A total shame

  19. Stephania Dominguez says Denounce that Savannah

  20. Billy Pardew says

    I find it amusing the Democrats fixation on Q and on. They don't seem to be able to want to denounce antifa or black lives matter. The hypocrisy is just amazing if it wasn't so pathetic

  21. Ivoy Luo says

    Where is Oprah

  22. Badfish 1 says

    Is it a satanic cult??? Does no one see they are sitting in a pentagram!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  23. Stephania Dominguez says

    The lady is so stupid raising her voice like “ YOU DONT KNOW THAT?!” Girl do you know that their not into Satanic beliefs? NO YOU DONT, so shut up, he’s saying HE DOESNT KNOW EITHER. BTW IM NOT A QANONER, I don’t particularly believe trump is here to save us all because I don’t know that lol. However if she wants to get further into the conversation , Hilary Clinton’s emails shows many many hint code words (of paedo***hilia…) to OBAMA, and MANY PEOPLE IN POWER IN THE DEMOCRATIC Side. They were all leaked and they were taking about ages 7,8,12, they’ll have $47,000 worth of hotdogs and pizza at the party”. Which btw the FBI made a public statement what code words child traffickers use to do business.

  24. Donaldo says

    Trump claims to be a stable genius but says he know nothing about QAnon. So, either he is lying yet again, or maybe he isn't nearly as smart as he thinks he is. I am thinking probably both; he is a lying idiot!

  25. Mark R says

    🔵 Vote the Stable Liar out! 🔵

  26. Aimee A. says

    The dudes who started qanon came out to talk about how it was just a joke in 2017. It was actually taken over by YouTube conspiracy theorists. Some of whom have involvement in Trump’s campaign. Why hasn’t the media gotten the guys who started it to explain to the American people that it was just a joke and a test to see if they could get a following? Jerome Corsi was part of the Federal Investigation so they have to know all these details.

  27. Matei says

    I believe the more they try to pin it as fake, the more people are convinced it is true. Same dirty tactics they have used since the French revolution, when the tinny hats started to infiltrate the social structures.

  28. Adrian Williams says

    It's funny how trump is denouncing this Q anon group when his best buddy for a long time was Jeffrey Epstein.

  29. futureneck4life says

    Someone go help all those children.

  30. High Frequency Radio says

    "Dangerous conspiracyvtheory?"

  31. CM A says

    Gosh – a bit like listening to a cat fight!
    She's got sharp claws & is hysterically raucous!
    He's defending his Territory rather well though – with God's help!

  32. Charles B says

    Lol wow news anchors are very opinionated these days. It’s like you’re watching a lecture every day instead of tuning in for information

  33. Scott Anderson says

    Biden said 8 year olds can have sex changesTrump says he’s against pedophilia That’s kind of all you need to know.

  34. Mike says

    He said he didn't even know who or what QANON was. These folks lie and twist so much, and the fools go right along.

  35. Angie says

    Best president ever. Savannah sold her soul.

  36. Nimbvs Alex says

    The pedos getting exposed

  37. chris juarez says

    So trump not denouncing a group that exposes pedophilia is somehow bad

  38. Mr. Balcom-X says

    CBS fake news

  39. Sarah Swetlik says

    Wtf kind of questions are these!? Ask ones that mean something!!

  40. Ibetiwon says

    Q is a team of people President Trump trusts to disseminate behind the scenes information exposing deep state criminality, treasonous politicians and elites. They have access to the president and have proven that with skillfully coordinated Q posts synchronized with President Trump tweets. Q will post on 8Kun and Trump will tweet at that exact moment for example or 17 seconds later or 17 minutes later (Q is the 17th letter) about a similar issue. Its not Q responding to Trump tweets, its Trump enforcing and codifying the information after Q posts on a topic. Trump and Q team have confirmed hundreds of these incidents called Deltas.

  41. Erica Finn says

    They make up lies about him all the time. What a joke

  42. Erica Finn says

    Cuz they are pedos. Love trumps response of "I know they don't like pedophilia and I don't either" lol..yes!!

  43. oceanspear says

    A LYING scumbag. a con man.

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