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Tuscany – This region draws visitors into its sun-warmed bounds to enjoy a life of simplicity and art of the highest form. Click play to follow us through Tuscany and start planning a journey of your own!

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#Tuscany is a legendary region in central Italy that stretches from the Apennine Mountains to the west coast, meandering through endless vineyards, medieval towns and the impossibly beautiful cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa.

In contrast with today’s modern world, Tuscany lures travelers with the promise of a warmer, gentler way of living.

Here, high art mingles deliciously with warm sunshine and fragrant wine. History seeps through the cobblestones and small occasions are transformed into the greatest of pleasures.

Around six hundred years ago, Tuscany changed the world forever when economic, cultural and political forces collided, sparking the Renaissance. It was a new way of thought in which art and education were highly prized and the search for happiness, a noble goal.

Although the world has changed much since then, Tuscany’s values hold firm and a #vacation to this region can leave visitors happily spending days and weeks slowly rediscovering them.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Daniel_81 says

    is the presenter Spanish though?

  2. 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF says

    tuscany we haven't mentioned how beautiful it iswe love going to different kinds of restaurantsthe city is best place to eat spaghetti and pizza with wine

  3. MoonMan • says

    Reminds me of Touisssant From Witcher 3

  4. Just Riki says

    Proud to live in Siena haha

  5. Anita Kartika says

    Beautiful video 😢😢 the accent tho make me hard to understand

  6. Денис says

    Нет слов чтобы описать это. Воистину величие! I have no words to describe it. It is true greatness! From Russia with love!

  7. Assassin Rage says

    Thanks to assassin creed ….. beautiful

  8. reginadelgraal says

    There's an amazing, forgotten castle in Tuscany, an Alhambra-like palace rich of wonderful and artistic things. Don't you believe? Take a look here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o70sAm23mi4

  9. Dario Arevalo says

    Esperaba ver la Paaasta! Buen video

  10. Stefano torome says

    Non ci sono dubbi l Italia è il paese piu bello del mondo. Abbiamo gli stessi siti Unesco della Cina però quest' ultima è grande circa 30 volte l Italia. E con questo ho detto tutto. Rialziamo la testa italiani facciamo vedere al resto del mondo chi siamo e di cosa siamo capaci.

  11. Richard Boot says

    Nice video as always but no Tuscany video is complete without a section dedicated to Siena, Rich

  12. Kikyo says

    Definitely will visit 😊😁 I love Italy

  13. Poland _maps says


  14. John Smith says

    Avoid non-essential travel to Italy due to widespread community transmission of coronavirus disease.

  15. fnx0808 says

    1:18 Lucca

  16. NK Nazeer Khan says

    Bgm name

  17. Linh Hoàng says

    I am keen on the music in each video which was updated by Expedia.

  18. Abdul Jabbar says

    I have some monument of Europe

  19. -Awake - says

    What is the name of music used in this video?

  20. Siddharth Jain says

    Beautiful narrated !

  21. sandor clegane says

    i wish i had real friends with who i could visit this paradice 😭 im so afraid to travel alone

  22. slawek krzysz says

    amazing place

  23. Diana Pohe says

    You may want to correct the description of this video, since Tuscany is not a city, and this is one of the most frequent mistakes made by tourists…

  24. Kenneth Hoffman says

    If you plan on driving in this region, keep your seat belt fastened and your head on a swivel. The reality is they drive like reckless maniacs in Tuscany. Went there in May 2019. I was glad to get home alive……

  25. maju atif says

    Can someone please write what is the Music background?

  26. Punjabi Food And Travel says


  27. Nitesh Mishra says

    marriage place of Virat kohli and Anushka sharma

  28. Bruce fan says

    The beauty is beyond my imagination.

  29. Riana Boshoff says

    La dolce vita! I saw a. TV program where they show how steak is cooked in a very different way in Tuscany than elsewhere. Best of all is that the steak contains a little bit of pink and no red.

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