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Travel video about destination Utah in USA.
The State of Utah is located in the south west of the United States of America is a land of endless horizons, canyons, deserts and big open spaces. What Mecca is to the Moslems and Rome is to the Catholics is what Salt Lake City is to the Mormons. It is also the capital of the U.S. federal state of Utah. The prosperous city also contains many of those of other faiths but the highly influential Mormon church makes most of the region’s political decisions. The administrative HQ of the world wide active Mormon church is, at a hundred and twenty eight metres high, the city’s tallest building. The religion’s financial might and strict administration still exist today. Each member has to contribute one tenth of his or her income thus the Council Of The Twelve Apostles and the church presidency are a wealthy multinational concern. The Bonneville Salt Flats are located next to Great Salt Lake, a huge area covered by salt that is one of the flattest areas in the world. The lake was once used for motor sports and on the Salt Flats racing drivers in rocket-shaped cars attempted to beat one land speed record after the other. Zion National Park is not only a place of natural history as signs of human habitation have also been discovered here. Several of the park’s archaeological sites indicate that Man inhabited this region more than two thousand years ago. It is believed that its earliest prehistoric inhabitants were the legendary Anasazi Indians, followed by the Paiute Tribe. This land of red rock, the Great Salt Lake and remarkable canyons is a wonderful world at the edge of civilisation created by the might of natural forces. A desert land where water is vital and the supply of which is now assured by modern technology. All this is Utah, a dream world of deep canyons and vast open spaces

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  1. fisichella78 says

    Gilgamesh, Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, Joe Smith. Youuuuur starting line-up!!!

  2. Joseph underwear smelly Smith says

    Utah sucks moron mormon magic underwear💩💩💩

  3. Juan Pablo Flores says

    Great first part, but the rocks are boooooring!

  4. Ali Game says

    I hope live there in utah or any place in usa 😍

  5. Bradley Greenwood says

    This guy doesn't know much about Mormons… or Utah, either.

  6. Samaa says

    three of my Colleagues are from Utah, they are very friendly & very nice.

  7. FCP WKR says

    Great video

  8. Joshua Dougan says

    Everytime someone says "Utah is a red state but don't worry look we love gays in salt lake" salt lake is one of the most liberal cities out there if it wasn't for rural Utah and the Mormons than Utah would have been a lost cause a long time ago.

  9. UFGator1972 says

    Is this the history of Utah or a travel video? Over sixteen minutes of Utah's history!

  10. iamnotfernando says

    Fly into Vegas and drive to North rim Grand Canyon then Zion, Bryce, Kodachrome Basin State Park, Grand Escalante, Capitol Reef, Goblin Valley State Park, Moab, Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point State Park, back to Vegas. Can be done in a week.

  11. shawn prewett says

    35:55 way to leave us hanging

  12. FourLeaf Clover says

    I'm completely turned off by the Mormon propaganda. I'll pass.

  13. tarny11 says


  14. The Salty Rooster says

    Utah people are D-bags!

  15. Daniel Santana says

    lake powell was where the skydiving scene and fall into the lake was filmed in lake powell Utah

  16. Grex says

    I came here to see if I should go to Utah for vacations, and all I've heard was "Utah is the MORMON Mecca, so MORMONS live MORMONLY MORMONS in here, because MORMONLAND is full of MORMONS in every place that MORMONS may look in. Utah is also a holy land in MORMONISM, because the MORMONS blablabla…"

  17. Shayana Goodrich says

    If you've seen my backyard you would know not all of Utah is pretty.

  18. Oscar oline says

    Paradis on earth

  19. Kohl#1881 says

    Mars On Earth

  20. Silvia Pelin says

    Very beautiful and great USA thanks much from video

  21. Samantha Sequinio says

    nice views the place of my husband to be

  22. Glover Nursery says

    Love our state!

  23. Emilys favorite vids says

    This video remarks on the Mormon culture among Utah citizens. While the narrator does showcase many beautiful qualities of Utah and SLC, much of the information spoken was partially or completely inaccurate. Let me clarify for all who are interested :)1. While the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) (LDS) have their headquarters in SLC, the religious and political affiliations remain completely separate. This church does not make any political decisions for UT. The citizens vote for elected officials (of any faith) just like everyone else in America. 2. These buildings are all respected by church members, but the only sacred building out of the ones listed is the Salt Lake Temple. Like other faiths, LDS members use their temple to worship God. We have 155 temples all over the world, not just SLC 🙂 The other buildings are nice for meetings (think really large Sunday church meetings), but anyone can visit and even be offered a guided tour. If you visit these buildings, like the conference center, you will be astonished at the beauty of the building and artwork therein. Mormons are Christians, and have many stunning paintings of Christ and the Godhead.3. Joseph Smith was the first president and prophet of the LDS church, but these facts are all just a bit off. For accurate information, go to mormon.org or LDS.org. And the Angel Moroni is pronounced Mor-oh-ni. :)4. It should be noted that we don't worship seagulls. Some people think that I guess? That's weird. We're normal people. Christians. We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.5. We have 16 million members and growing! Whoot whoot! The conference center isn't as much of a holy place as it is like a big church building. This is not the "headquarters". Twice a year, members from all over the world (obviously not all of them because 16 million is a sizable group) meet here (and through TV/computers/etc) and we listen to the leaders of our church preach from the Bible and the Book of Mormon and share uplifting messages about Christ.6. LET"S TALK ABOUT THIS INCOME THING. Each member does not HAVE to pay 1/10th of his/her income. This is not a soccer team. We believe it is a commandment from God, and like all other commandments we choose whether we will obey it. And GUESS WHAT. This income paid does NOT go to the church leaders! That's ridiculous! Actually, all of our clergy around the world is unpaid! Crazy, right?? This 1/10th income paid goes to: Helping those in need. The LDS church members often get to disasters and emergency situations even before the American Red Cross. This money also funds humanitarian projects all over the world. Tithing is also spent on building and maintaining church buildings and temples. 7. We believe the family is very important 🙂 Our church has the largest collection of genealogical records in the world. (Several billion records?) Cool, huh?8. While the church did practice polygamy in the early days of the church (while other Americans of many other faiths did as well), it has not been practiced for well over a hundred years. I'm not a polygamist and I think that would be the most horrible thing. No Mormons approve of polygamy these days. That practice is looooong gone. 9. Who picked this music? This sounds like a 90's jam session for a keytair club. With some sexy saxophone. But- can't- stop- jammin! Ahh!10. Ten minutes in the smooth jazz got to me and I mentally clocked out. I hope this comment was helpful for you! If you want to know more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints aka LDS aka Mormons, you can go to Mormon.org, LDS.org, or even message me and I'd be happy to respond 🙂 Have a great day! Utah is beautiful!

  24. Tristan Voros says

    I have the most informational video on this topic. No time wasting, i go in depth on every canyon and which to drive to first. I also explain what to expect from each one. All the info needed for the Utah trip in an 8 min video…. It might help you out

  25. Kia Peterson says

    The narrator has too many mispronounced words and statistics are way wrong!

  26. I am BUHLOCKAY says

    I've lived in Salt Valley my whole life, with the exception of me living in Colorado and Wyoming for 2 years, and I love it! It's got its pros and cons, but I love it!

  27. estrellitadelu says

    I love Utah for living! Utah is peace in your mind, in your heart and with your kids. I am not mormon, I am catholic, but in Utah there are several religions, and atheist people. Utah is quiet, safe, i enjoy every day this city, this state.

  28. Crappy Kid says

    I'm moving to Utah.

  29. Trung Sang Tran says

    work and live in Park City, Utah? NO, Thanks.

  30. Johnross Mccabe says

    what is it like there any beach's

  31. theomnipresent1 says

    Sooooo 90's!

  32. David Straub says

    Your Peregrine falcon at 17:58 is a vulture.

  33. Mentes Livres says

    I didn't know I was watching some mormon bullshit!

  34. Bernd Su says

    Utah and especially Park City is the place I would like to live

  35. Drew Smith says

    that was good that

  36. concretecuttingsaltlakecity says

    Utah is a great place to visit and live!

  37. DAT TAPE says

    1/10 our incomes for the church? that's it? if you have 0 then I guess membership is free, right????

  38. ren2492 says

    Is being a transgender okay to work and live in Park City, Utah? Thanks.

  39. Steven Swinnen says

    Why the annoying music!? It makes this not pleasant to watch unfortunately

  40. Tommy Magnusson says

    Miss and love Utah 👍👌

  41. ASL 4 Life says

    Someone needs a pronunciation guide and a lesson on Mormonism. Moroon-eye is not the right way to say that, FYI.

  42. Tai Rhoades says

    Nothing about Park City or of our world famous skiing and snowboarding industry?

  43. Baby Boo says

    Could do without all the Mormon stuff, more about the beautiful country Utah has.

  44. J LH says

    Mount Holly why did you go to Lake City Utah

  45. Desireé Leal says

    Hermoso lugar!!! Vivo en Utah y soy muy feliz

  46. Mayford Davis says

    Sacrilege that a foreigner is narrating this. Don't we have anyone in America that can speak properly?

  47. Margo Sanders says

    Beautiful state! made a great video on monument valley last week check it out!

  48. Lillith1941 says

    Contrast this video with the ones started by miners and surrounding Utah.

  49. Teacher Yosue Gaitan says

    Is this video about Mornonism?

  50. Steven Harrison says

    Thinking about moving to Salt Lake City from Portland. I was wondering if it's hard to make friends. Like do Mormons hang out with people who aren't Mormon? I'm a Christian but don't always go to church so I'm not super religious and I'm somewhat liberal. I feel like I'll be so out of place in Utah.

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