Uzbekistan (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide


Travel video about destination Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan is a country with thousands of years of history and contains all the magic of the Silk Road, as well as numerous oriental fairy tales, along with traditional culture, Islamic history and fascinating desert landscapes. Tashkent is the city of Amir Timur, the riding general who established a dynasty. It is a city on the ancient Silk Road, famous in both orient and occident, and having inspired both scholars and poets, plus craftsmen and artists. Modern Tashkent contains wide boulevards and plenty of lush greenery. White storks that symbolize fertility crown the large entrance arcades to the Place Of Independence. Samarqand was the centre of one of the oldest forms of state in Middle Asia, and was located on the Silk Road. Newly introduced Timurid style further enriched the architecture. Coloured mosaics of astounding luminosity compete with glazed relief ceramics whose ornamentation is composed of arabesques, font characters and geometrical shapes. Samarqand Bazaar now has a new, modern appearance and the variety of goods on offer has never been better with fresh fruit, vegetables, honey and cheese. The ‘Wild West’ of Uzbekistan is a wonderful region of deserts with just a few yurt camps for overnight accommodation. Qirk Qiz Qala emerges from the middle of the flat, featureless desert. Almost mystically, the final sharp fragments of the castle’s former defensive towers emerge from the ground which consist mainly of gravel and are covered with low saxaul bushes that defy the desert’s strong winds with their deep-reaching roots. The oasis city of Khiva is one of the greatest centres of ancient Korezm, ‘Land of the sun’, and was where mathematician Mohammed, who discovered algebra, once lived. Almost fifteen hundred years of oriental culture are hidden within the intriguing winding streets of this fine oasis city. Uzbekistan has always been at the intersection of major trade and cultural routes and a border between Asia and Europe, between nomads and the Western world. Exoticism mixed with all the magic of the One Thousand And One Nights!

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  1. sobaka sobaka says

    The uzbikston police are thief did not rise there

  2. 굴로즈 says

    Dear Expoza Travel! I liked this video because it looks as is a professional masterpiece and I wanted to ask your permission to use it. Can I use some parts of this beautiful video for my video question for school students at TV program? The program's name is Golden bell, it's a program for school students to test their knowledge. So, I have a question about Uzbekistan and wanted to use some parts of your video as a background for my video question.
    Looking forward, thanks in advance

  3. Sangoma Sangoma says

    Beautiful country,with magnificent history !

  4. lovelyartin says

    Enjoy Amazing Iranian Architecture in Central Asia! Love and Appreciation for Iranian Art and History!

  5. Tam Lun says


  6. tirzha prinsloo says

    Very interesting sites

  7. Faiq Tağıyev says


  8. yarrjan001 says

    47:54 Grandpa winks lol

  9. Mary B says

    All of these tourist attractions are from Persian.

  10. Sun shine Day says

    Two things are important at Uzbekistan,, #1 one family haz to own Uzbekistan same like kingdoms, all public most to work for one family,, #2 is ,, no body works, so many people are jobless, with out this nothing anything there

  11. Abdul Gani says

    Beautiful Islamic architecture. From Malaysia.

  12. Sanib Shaan says

    Wow beutifull country and culture from India mashallah ❤❤❤❤????????????

  13. 힐링채널-오로라공간 says

    thanks for good tour~!

  14. Hussain Ghuloom says

    Its all persian style in its historic buildings.

  15. Soraya Macabando says

    Beautiful Country Uzbekistan! Rich in History.

  16. Guylene Joseph says

    Beautiful Uzbekistan and clean

  17. the phoenix 315 says

    Who is the narrator?

  18. Jang i says

    Every time i watch this video. I. Feel like going to Uzbekistan again. I have been there five Times. I M in love with this Country. History and culture.❤❤❤❤❤

  19. Rajendiran Dinagaran says

    Beautiful country , greetings from India

  20. Ramesh Chandra Sharma says

    短期学生 short studentessDua^nxueshenxue`she-ngUzbekistan乌兹别克斯坦1

  21. Mary B says

    Uzbekistan is not an old country. It is founded recently on Persian land. Samarkand and Bukhara are old Persian/Iranian cities.


    Uzbekistan has lots of Islamic history. i will be visit soon.

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