1. SixtyDashOne says

    Somebody drove the portable bleachers out onto the racetrack.

  2. Rob Atwood says

    Scaffold guy is hilarious.

  3. David Bell says

    Really Race

  4. crash burn says

    Got wing! My money's on him!

  5. Junior 249 says

    I would pay to see this race in person…this is nuts…in a good way….they got stones to put this race on and the drivers from diffrent divisions to be in it…

  6. Graeme Swan says

    So what’s up with with the mobile billboard?

  7. Philadelphia W Dustwater says

    A brisk wind could blow the 6 car over!

  8. Jason Haines says

    Oh shit! Someones spiral staircase fell off in turn 3!

  9. Doug Alexander says

    Old 6x looks like the signage for Spankies adult book store out on the highway.

  10. 1960Murf says

    It’s got a special matched set of tires so you can pass on the outside.

  11. Korie Creson says

    That must be a wealthy fencing company to get that racer to have that advertisement

  12. rpedraza1 says

    Lost track of the leader, but sure enjoyed every minute of it!!! Haha

  13. Korie Creson says

    I take it those big screen cars are Japanese nascar

  14. John Costantino says

    Alright, who’s driving the scoreboard?

  15. Bill Capps says

    That #75 late model hung in there.

  16. bubbasdragon says

    It figures that the guy with 15ft of metal on top of his car doesn't know how to drive.

  17. Mike of Indy says

    Well one car had a good night. Kind of smoked the field

  18. Mike of Indy says

    Are they not smart enough at setting up the car to put downforce on the car without 14 sheets of lexan?

  19. Bret O'Neil says

    Would like to know some rules

  20. Stevie Dustin says

    Why are there 2 billboards racing

  21. ACP Telford says

    What’s all the stupid steel stuff for?

  22. Michael Leftwich says

    Now, if they would do this on dirt, it would be better.

  23. keith crozier says

    Why the baseball diamond backstops on some of those cars?

  24. SISU OUT ! says

    Very fast bus shelter you got there !
    The others are in the big wang gang !

  25. ghostofhobs says

    Scaffolding to catch the wind coming over the back wall billboards

  26. encinobalboa says

    What is the theory with the tall side panels? The black shovel nose car was booking before he crushed his nose.

  27. Danny Smith - iSign Graphics says

    What in the trailer park is that on #6?

  28. David72 says

    It's like full size Robot Wars!

  29. Sketchy's Garage says

    I wonder if anybody has tried making the front sideboard pivot to help in steering.


    Whacky racers IRL

  31. john needy says

    Got me to think ,Salem speedway ,in Salem Indiana, high bank now thst would be a spectacle

  32. john needy says

    Good ole bull pin racing ,different got to say ,dude with that ginormous side wing 🤭

  33. J B says

    Once Joe wins you can say goodbye to fossil fuels and any car racing. Thanks leftists

  34. Anita IceCream says

    I drive a wing? A what a wing it's not a racist term it's just a spoiler with wheels.

  35. Noe F says

    No science behind their designs. Unmitigated freedom. This is pure fun.

  36. Anita IceCream says

    Dude that's not how areo dynamics work.

  37. Bill Elliott says

    What the hell is that car that's got a wire fence attached to it.

  38. Timothy Comstock says

    Love the supermodifieds

  39. bill stam says

    Please record more races so we can watch them

  40. i dont know anymore says

    This man deadass brought a damn billboard to the race.

  41. Matt K says

    I think this video just gave me a southern accent

  42. werxin says

    was that even a full on isma super? looked like it had a carb setup not injectors

  43. George Burns says

    Tow truck is faster 😉

  44. Jandy Rames says

    Gotta love seeing ISMA Supermodifieds!!

  45. Joe Pitt says

    No bigger than that track is I don't thank you even need a spoiler let alone a Billboard taped to the side of your car.

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