1. Harlod Shekelbond says

    His mask is problematic

  2. leonardo ramirez says

    blm dont care

  3. rleary1 says

    Have they blamed lack of Police in the area yet? I did not see america's most trusted NBC news anchor Lester Holt report on this earlier either Lol

  4. rleary1 says

    Yoo-Hoo news had this video over 11 hours ago once and sent it to their backpages Lol That's why they started blocking all comments after a short 'survey' a few months back… All of their articles were getting thousands of thumbs down!

  5. Boosted Coyote says

    Quadruple shooting? Why is it not called a mass shooting?

  6. Gia A says

    Another Fall in Philadelphia..

  7. Mountain Man3 says

    silver backs love to kill.

  8. 2Legit 2BReal says

    50 shots! That was an expensive hit! Keep an eye on the gun store for someone coming in needing more ammo.

  9. J J says

    Mostly peaceful mass shooting.

  10. Lord God MAJA No Mikoto says

    Will Smith had the right idea

  11. 23gwizz says

    Damn, that’s the same basketball court from the Fresh Prince tv show 😮

  12. Chaos Live says

    I'll tell you what the first step is to ending this criminal mentality ..and people are not gonna like it but you have to remove Rap Music from the equation, the message it sends the lyrics in these songs are virtual advertisements for criminal behavior. It produces the same psychological effects that marketing campaigns for products are designed to evoke.. Mcdonalds "im lovin it", State farm "like a good neighbor", subway "five dollar foot long" etc. etc. It may sound like a stretch but the psychological effects of Rap Music on young people are Real and destructive

  13. Mr. Chewbacca says

    Get over it tonight there will be 4 more shooting.

  14. Mr. Chewbacca says

    It was me Han and 3PO who did.

  15. sav savron says

    Peaceful Protestors?

  16. Hellion 1 says

    Joggers will jog.

  17. Carpe Diem says

    If witnesses said white people did the shooting, this story would get over 100,000 views. Instead, crickets. Rest in peace. Don't shoot up the funeral. Brings bad luck.

  18. Zo Han says


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