Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 1


The first episode for our feature-length webseries “Video Game High School!”

Here’s how the release is going to work:

We will be putting all new VGHS episodes on our site,, one week before we upload them to youtube. So RocketJump will stay one week ahead of our youtube. Episode 2 is now available on RocketJump!

For licensing and usage inquiries please email

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  1. RocketJump says

    If you love VGHS, we will be selling DVDs and Blu-Rays after we finish the web series.

  2. nick stiltson says

    Only the real originals know that this is what rocked Netflix before the Netflix we know today

  3. b r u h says

    I remember watching this on netflix and then after I finished it I saw it was on YouTube too so I watched it again

  4. Ben Schneppensiefen says

    Oh man long time ago

  5. Kassenoid says

    I mean… Even the damn intro is mesmerising after 8 years!

  6. weareveryloud says

    Fuck off this was 8 years ago

  7. Ahaha Ahaha says

    I hate how they took it off of Netflix

  8. Don’t Sub says

    5th time rewatching this

  9. danny rango06 says

    This show is so good i grew up watching this this show is fire

  10. Just a Josh says

    Vividly remember waiting for each episode to come out :p

  11. Reed Moore says

    When the nerds are the jocks

  12. Optic Ares says

    The nostalgia sad this isn’t on Netflix anymore legit would watch the whole series twice a year

  13. Xplosivv EU says

    any1 here in 2020, damnn i miss this show, isn’t even on netflix anymore

  14. Paradise Gaming says

    this show was way before its time! gaming is at an all time high right now it would have triple the views if it came out now,, oh well it’s still a masterpiece (:

  15. shadowmarine says

    I miss this show

  16. Terence Garcia says

    who searched this up during quarantine?

  17. Lymezy says

    Im 8 years late but Froste brought me here

  18. ElectricIllusion says

    U miss this ;-;

  19. Michael Daniel Paisley Henderson says

    Is it just me or does Law look like Mac Demarco a bit?

  20. Intrepidus says

    Holy cow I was in 6th grade when this came out… do the math

  21. Mr. Chameleon says

    I could probably wreck the law with a kraber trickshot

  22. paolo paolo says

    Im back boizz

  23. Ji-hoon Joongie says

    Who else watching this during quarantine lmaooo

  24. the Bro Gamer says

    CANADA FUCK YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Thx1138 says

    Holy shit I didn’t know you guys made this I loved this on netflix

  26. Fernando Uriel says

    THIS WAS 8 YEARS AGO?!?!?!? i remember waiting for each episode to come out 😭😭

  27. Flying Chicken says

    7:57 afk trick lmao

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