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📌Q & A’s
•Real Name? – Antonette Rose Sornito
•Age? – 13 y/o (2019)
•Nationality? – Filipino
•Fave KPOP Girl Group? – BLACKPINK & ITZY
•Fave KPOP Idols? – Lisa, Jennie, Yeji, Lia & Yuna


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🌻IG: @therealrose_s
🌻TWITTER: @therealrose_s
🌻SNAPCHAT: @itsrosesornito
🌻FB PAGE: @realAntonetteRose
🌻FB ACCOUNT: Antonette Sornito
🌻TIKTOK: @therealrose_s
🌻PINTEREST: @iamrosesornito

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💜IG: @theblythe_squad

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•SATURDAY/ randomvlogs: 8:00 pm
•SUNDAY/ q&aVlogs: 9:30 pm


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be YOU nique ~ Antonette 🌷

📌(I’m not allowed to film MONDAY’s to THRUSDAY’s because I have school & It’s my priority so I’m really sorry. Also I’m not allowed to use social media on that days coz I’m pretty busy w/ my Homeworks & Projects so I hope you understand!!!)

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