we are scared to play this game… Merrell Twins Live


We played VR CHAT and it was so FUN!!!
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  1. Ricky Gonzalez says

    1:38:05 Translation: I'm the only one winning here, yes? Can you explain that to me, cat? Hello.

  2. JESMITA D Souza says

    I hate Merrell twins uhSorry what atuo correct I love Merrell twins I always watch there videos

  3. Mira Abdallah says

    omg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂

  4. Toby Ripplinger says

    i was playing as the puingquen i was playing with you guys that giant curmit was weird i loved meating you guys you guy sare my idle

  5. Sofhia Gatchalian says

    Can you do another VR chat livestream?

  6. Andrea Coupon Account says

    Merrell twins: are you watching the StreamOwl:(creepy) yes I am watching the Stream

  7. Forward Hehe says

    ?️??️ ?️??️ ?️??️ ?️??️

  8. Judy Buitrago says

    URrr nottt a SIMP

  9. Judy Buitrago says

    I was laughing when the the alian said eww LOL xddd idk he said ew but lol xd

  10. Juana Ascencio says

    Ugh I said never two times

  11. Tim Nguyen says

    You’re so funny look ?

  12. Juana Ascencio says

    Sorry I forgot I saw this video I like this live video I liked and subscribed

  13. Juana Ascencio says

    What is this app ok why are you scared it’s not scary wait never makes never mind it’s funny

  14. Nayyy_ am says

    When i laughed: 45:10 – 46:15 But THEIR laughs made ME laugh so uh ???

  15. Jamil Soto says

    The part when the spanish kid asked the cat "visco" it means crosseyed

  16. Jamil Soto says

    I lmao when the little kid talking in spanish saying that theres an ant hidden in the front and everyone is like "friend,friend,friend" lol thinking thats what he was saying

  17. Neko Neko Nyaa says

    I think that patin and that robot guy is speaking malay lol

  18. NatalieMay says

    bro the guy with the flippers that said “that’s adorable” we need to be friends. that’s all i need to say i need him as a friend

  19. Ramsay ! says

    Nessa: I say basically a lot Roni(interrupting):I feel like it’s a lot on me and not on you. Nessa:so pretty much. Me: girl I see what you did there

  20. Angel Gatchalife says

    Omg they’er playing vrchat I would have loved to friend them and help them get cute avatars!

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